Photos from a novice!

A few photos from my first few months with Mavic Zoom
Barmouth Beach, Poole Harbour
And P&O Brittania in Norwegian Fjords


Some great shots there but I’m very interested in the ship ones.

Were you on the cruise, as Ive heard P&O are quite aggressive about removing drones from passengers?

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Yes they are, Somehow i managed to walk onto Brittania without them noticing, So took it of the ship with me at first stop Took the pics shown plus some video, As i went through security on the way back on, was stopped and they confiscated it, saying I might break local laws (which i had checked) they gave it back when we got to Southampton, it was in a cupboard with 5 others!, I have questioned wether I can take it next time to the Baltic as we are now regulated, registered and tested, no reply!


Exactly, I walked way down the Fjord, and ket a good distance from the ship


A couple more as Im made up someone likes my photos!!


Well thy have no control over that but as @chrisp56 response shows they did confiscate it on re-boarding.

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Being me, I would have questioned their right to confiscate private property. I get it if it’s while cruising, but surely they have to return it when you disembark anywhere. This sort of thing really annoys me when companies think they are the police.

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They are quite clear in their terms and conditions though @Brian, no drones allowed on board.

Lovely shots, well done, they look great!

I agree, I checked if I could use it in Norway, Never checked if P&O would let me take it, I broke the rules and was lucky enough to get one good flight before confiscation, Going Skiing on Sunday, apparently the French won’t allow it on the pistes :rage:

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You need an Insta360

(First video I found, loads on YT to check out)

Really good photo’s

Cruise with P&O regularly and their policy is “No Drones” full stop… :rage:

See screen shot from their web site.



Lovely pics… and brought back some happy memories. We did a train/cycle/rib trip a couple of years ago - took the Flåmesbanen train from Myrdal to Berekvam, jumped on some mountain bikes and cycled down in to Flåm, then got in a rib for sightseeing along the fjord.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m glad that when we were in Flåm there wasn’t a stonking-great cruise ship berthed up. It’s only a wee place, you probably outnumbered the locals 10-1! :rofl:

Population of Flåm (2014) - 350
P&O Britannia - 3,647 passengers (plus crew)

Yep, 10 to 1!

Floating block of flats lol

Yes we did the train up, mountain bike down, was really good fun
I know what you are saying, but Flams economy is probably booming from it, and they know how to charge!

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Great Photos @chrisp56, the cruise lines need to get there heads out of their arses !.
Fred Olsen have now banned drones aboard, which has ferked me for my Iceland Trip in early May, but, I may still try and smuggle it aboard, all said and done.
I have been taking my drones aboard their ships now for years, why suddenly the back peddle?.
My question is?, how many of your crew own drones (I know for a fact that there are crew who own them), and, have them aboard?.
I have spoken to many of them who fly drones.
At least (at the moment) Royal Caribbean still allow them to be brought aboard.
I am going to ask the question to their Public Relations Dept why I cannot bring it aboard, even if it is kept by them until the ship docks.
I agree with @milkmanchris ,besides it is your “personal possession” and they have no right to confiscation.

I guess the alternative of them refusing you onboard is worse !!

Although we might think its a crazy condition, is it any different to Emirates not allowing my scooter on board (or party poppers?)

Yes it is your personal possession, but you are wanting to get on one of their ships and they can set the T&C’s as they see fit - even when plainly unreasonable. The old adage of well you have a choice applies. You can either board but not have the drone or board and have it confiscated.

What I dislike is that most of these T&C’s I’ve read claim that it’s essentially because they state something like: “local regulations, not allowed, etc” … but what business is it of theirs? By all means tell me I have to store it and it is only accessible when docked but a blanket ban is just H&S gone mad.

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