Photoshop and exposure bracketing new feature for HDR

A useful new feature for HDR in photoshop


Nice, didn’t know this. Full write up below.


Thanks, I will have a listen/ watch.

Moved the topic over to Video and Photo editing so that others can find it.


I use it all the time now as most of my stills are 5 AEB unless it’s slow shutter speed

Which version of PS is this in? I’m on 24.1.1 and don’t see it (Creative Cloud app says my PS is up to date :man_shrugging:

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:man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

I don’t have an HDR monitor, so can’t set the System Preference needed to check.

@Drumsagard does your monitor run HDR?

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Ah good question, I’ll need to check.

I’m on Windows and, lacking an HDR compliant monitor, the System Preference setting doesn’t exist. #NeedA2020sComputer

I do. Just found it, there are two Technology Preview options in PS, one under preferences and one under Camera Raw Preferences.

Just upgraded the firmware on both monitors for HDR - however I think I prefer non HDR - the image doesn’t seem as sharp

Once you change your setting restart photoshop and iit should be there. But like it says in the video you need a HDR monitor or suitable device that you run photoshop on

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This is the video that set me off as I use Lumenza, the video is 3 months old so support for windows may be updated

Getting to the point where I might need to sub. So many new features added in the past 6 months, though no doubt as soon as I do a cracked version of the latest version for Mac will reappear. Not that it breaks the bank compared to how much I spend on drones and camera stuff, I just really hate the subscription model.

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The big players are all going down the subscrion route now they have there fan base hooked.
It all depends what you want out of your photo editor. I am on the Photography Plan £9.98
20 GB data, Lightroom for desktop and mobile, Lightroom Classic and Photoshop on desktop and iPad.

If your requirements are very basic then there a lot of cheaper options and some are free and a lot are still happy using PS cs6 which was the last hard copy readily available at car boot sales.

The good thing about PS is there are lots of tutorials available on Youtube.
Capture One is the best for tethered shooting
Pure RAW 2 is awesome for post RAW processing
Even Luminar Neo has some nice features.

But PS is still King and I get my monies worth.

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@thewhoosh I have the same subscription version Keith but used Groupon to get discount. Worked out at £6.90 per month. Well worth it I reckon. :ok_hand:

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Can we keep the thread on original topic, please. ie the new HDR feature in Photoshop.

For general photo editing software posts, please use this thread.


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1.RAW file no adjustments

2.HDR Auto basic settings in 32 bit

3.Adjusted luminosity and saturation settings and SDR setting converted back to 16bit

4. Dodge and burn to taste

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