Printing keyring fobs

Anyone printed a Drone yet? like a keyring size mavic? :heart_eyes:


on the keyring side of things… who’s designing a GADC one :hushed: Similar to:

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I’ll take that Jeep one if it’s going spare? :smiley:

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I don’t even know what you use to design a 3D “thing”?

Is it as simple as typing the letters in and pressing GO?

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I did this for no real reason other than to see if I could. :grin:


Yes, actually…

Also, paging @Yith


A video I watched the other day a guy used his iphone with a 3D scanning app to scan a model, he then uploaded it to something and turned it into a 3D print file and printed it. Is this possible with say using a phone app to scan our drones?

I’d like to think so and I’m sure the software can’t be that difficult… Can it :exploding_head: :laughing:

Was thinking more: :heart_eyes:


Yeah, 3 so far…
2 in this thread.
One is now defunct and the electronics moved to a proper frame.
The other one is probably about to go the same way.
But I still have this one going and I expect it’ll continue to exist for a while yet.

Oh and then there was the short-lived plane…

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The process I used for the TBS logo fob above was to copy an image from their website, trace it in Inkscape, save that as a DXF, import that into my CAD program and then extrude the profiles. Save that as an STL, load into a slicer program (Cura) to create the GCODE for the 3D printer, transfer it via a micro SD and then press GO.

So, yes, pretty much. :laughing:

Letters wouldn’t be too hard to do.

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Found this one, the search for a mavic continues

Jez, all I heard there was:

“Sure thing, leave it with me!”

I’ll just leave this here


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You can buy them that size that fly. Its called a skeye pico. I’ve got one somewhere


Do a pair of Nike Jordan ones count? :rofl:

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I like it! Match these :heart_eyes:

:ok_hand:t2: :rofl:

See? :man_shrugging:t2:

Here is the very reason I don’t own a 3D printer.

The amount of useless tat that’d end up adoring the mantle piece in my living room, “just because I could” :rofl:

I may have overestimated my printer/printing capabilities. Or maybe I should have stuck with PLA.