Propeller life

Hi all, first post for a while. I got a Mavic Pro late last year and recently have been doing a lot of coastal boating-related stills photography. All good and no nasty surprises so far.
Lots of interesting readin on here and that has all been a great help.
I give the machine a good check over before every flight, and I’m still using the original set of props.
I got wondering yesterday, is there a suggested number of flights/hours after which props should be replaced, even if they still look perfectly ok?

If there’s no physical damage, they’re OK to use.
I have props on my P2 that are over 4 years old.

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I started off thinking I’d replace them after a set time but they are actually well designed and pretty durable as long as they don’t hit anything.

I’m still on original ones and give them a check before flight and make sure they are secure.

I think if anything is going to fail it may be the tabs that secure them to motor and for that reason I dont remove them from motor, less wear and tear.


Thanks all. Very helpful.

Just seen a video on when to change your propellers . How often do you change yours even without any damage?

Without damage - never!


I get through maybe 5-6 sets a month

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I saw this mentioned.

New props are stiffer at the pivot point where they connect to the centre hub. When to change is when props are not floppy loose, but definitely pivot with little to no force.

Probably cause slight vibrations ?

@anon34183503 Do you crash on a near-daily basis? Or are you flying a tiny FPV? :cowboy_hat_face:

Nothing better than flying inverted :slight_smile:

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I’ve never changed the props on my Mavic Pro in all the years I’ve had it.

Changed the props on the Inspire when I bought it as it was second hand so was unsure of the care the original props had. But again, have never changed them since.

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Yes, I do get that… :rofl:
But I’m with @PingSpike In all my years, and all the various drones, I’ve changed one prop once, that hit a branch.

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You’ve never attached the props on your Autel in all the years you’ve had it! :laughing:


Other than my racing and freestyle models (comes with territory) I don’t think I’ve ever changed a prop on any of my camera ships. I have, like @PingSpike, swapped complete sets when I’ve acquired a used model. As an example the 3DR Iris-Plus I acquired the other week the props supplied had minor scuffing so swapped them all out for a new set of Master Airscrew’s.



Not sure about DJI props but I’d imagine that they would be no different from the props on my Typhoon H. Yuneec state that “as long as the propellers lock snugly in place and are damage free, they are good to go”; I take it that means no lifetime limits on them unless they feel loose from a worn locking mechanism / prop hub.

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When do you change them when damaged or is there any other reason to change them. Only asking because my mini 2 seems to me more unstable in the air than before.

Look for any signs of damage along the length of the prop. Even if your props have not hit anything look at where the blade might come into contact with the screw holding the other blade. Also look for signs of stress or fatigue around the screw hole at the base of the prop.

If you think your Mini is appearing unstable you might also want to check that the motors spin freely and they are free of any contaminant. You could also try doing another IMU calibration.

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Thanks. Did not think to check motors

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Full size stuff change props when nicked or REALLY damaged (bird strike)…then of course, if its petrol jobby an engine shock load test is then done. So- def a good idea to check the motor after a bad bump!

Props at end are ruffed up on one side so i guess i would need to change the set on drone which is back on one side front on other side is that right or should i just change all four. Sorry never done before and don’t want to mess up cheers for helps.