Qinux H8 Please Help

Hi, can anyone help me please. I was given a QINUX H8 drone, can anyone tell me which button operates the RETURN to HOME function should I lose sight of the drone in flight. The manual is useless and online seems void of the answer I seek.

Hi @Jan, it looks as though you’re quite new here :wave:t2:

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Hi I am very new, I think they call me a Technophobe. LOL

Hi Jan

Have a read of this post

Qinux Drone

Ive looked but cannot find any reference as to which button function operates “Return to Home” in the event I lose sight.

Sorry it was more a reference to the quality of the drone and the findings in the last post

No worries but thanks, Im simply trying to find out which is the “Return to Home” button…

Is it this drone? K8?

One the sideof the copter its says “Qinux DRONE H8” looks almost identical to the K8.

This an image of the controller

This looks the same

https://www.drones direct.co.uk/files/pdf/PFBD303_20210401.pdf

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I would guess that its the button circled in red but it is a guess and as you say there is not alot of information online. I would try it in an open field with plenty of space.

I did find this video tutorial for the K8 which mentions an App. Have you installed and looked at the App yet?

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The K in all their marketing guf looks like an H. Is it possible it is a K8? I cant find any reference to a H8 even on their own website lol

You have all been great, thank you. as said, best to get into an open filed and simply try it, should work as GPS is built in. Not tried the APP yet although I have downloaded it to my phone’

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Let us know how you get on :+1:

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Hiya, well I tried the circled button you indicated and all it does it brings it straight down and not to its start/take off point. Back to plan B what ever that might be… lol

Is there any button within the app that looks like the one arrowed below?

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How far away was it when you tried the button? Some drones need to be a certain distance away before they return to home and will just land wherever they are.
Might be best to get the App connected and try it as mentioned above

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Hi, negative. Ive taken a

snap shot of the App

Does the H8 even support Return to Home? :thinking:

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