Range test - DJI Mini 3 Pro

Been to north east today
I made the mistake of trying a range test over North Sea.
Just made it back :nauseated_face:
Forced RTH at 3700 meters.

lucky you, could have lost never go further than what info says.

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Tech works :wink:

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It tried to force land at 10%
I had to take over and made it back at 1%
I was sweating a bit

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Yesterday I tested the battery on my mini 3 pro. I got to 1% and then 0% and still got an additional 4 minutes out of the battery with it circling about 1 m above the ground. Eventually it wouldn’t let me override the forced landing and it landed itself.


Good to know.
I was sihting it abit

Are you sure? Max speed is usually highlighted in purple in AirData


I will check again

I have checked
There is no highlight speed .

Strange. Never seen it without. :person_shrugging:

(And I check a lot due to the Breaking the Speed Limit thread.)

Likewise the text in the “Message” column isn’t there.

I made that mistake the other week & lost it in a lake :cold_sweat: never mind ( force land ) if I knew back then what I know now I could have made it !
Drone down lesson learned!

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Bad luck!
What drone did you lose ?

Mavic air 2 ….

Did you have insurance?

Had 9% battery left and 200 feet to ground :person_facepalming:t2: could of done it but I panicked


Yea all sorted in less than 24 hours :+1:t2:

I did aswell
Today was the first time h ave let it run down to 9%

Lessons learned -

Wind an return flight will use more power.

Can over ride forced landing.

I have been informed it will still fly beyond the 0%

I will do my next range test on land.

Coverdrone or Dji refresh ?

Yeah before I attempt that again I will be planning what to do in an emergency of force land , I didn’t know I had to keep the stick pushed up

I was to busy looking at the screen trying to cancel which it wouldn’t :scream:

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