Reculver Towers


Afternoon flight in the sunshine at Reculver Towers this afternoon.

Reculver, Kent

Stunning shots.
Well captured


great weather we are having at the moment well done simon


Great pics!

I also reckon they’re “coasty” enough for the Coastal Flyer Badge! :+1:


Great pics. I drive past the towers often and think that would be a great place to get some shots. Maybe even fly along the coast to Herne Bay…


Yes indeed. When I’m brave enough I’m going to do a circle around the pier. But is a long long way out


Seems a popular place @flames7607 :+1:t2:

Someone added it to the map back in 2017:

And @JayForceOne posted some pics from there in Oct 2018 too:



Strewth mate those pics are absolutely stunning,makes me want to do more flying round the old mine workings in Cornwall ,later on this year:+1::+1::+1:


Believe it or not, these are actually snap shots from the video using VLC player. I should have shot some stills as well.

Thanks for the comments. Cornwall has some fantastic places which would look great from the air. St Michaels mount, Padstow, Trevose Head and around the China clay works, the possibilities are endless.

Get some shots and post them for us to enjoy please.



Somewhere on here,cant remember where,i have some shots near padstow,from last year,think they are under,Cornwall holiday:+1::+1:also some shots of the bridge on the camel trail…


I saw one today on the photo file of the lifeboat station at Padstow, which is actually on Trevose Head


Loving those stills @flames7607 - the depth in the first shot :+1::clap: