Red Kite Circling My FPV Drone

Kites showing off…one folds it’s wings to scare me, it worked as I didn’t want to manicure talons…


Probably attracted by the buzzing!

They definitely don’t like it, they are also attracted or pay attention to RC planes doing aerobatics. They didn’t bother with my Inspire last year, we’ll see if they will over the weekend.

Well it is the breeding season! They view you as a possible threat/predator. Best to give them space! :smiley:


I had a kestrel thinking I was breakfast! Either that or anti drone initiative by bath abbey… Check out what happens at second 50…


Great video, he or she was not amused, last time I was there was in 1974. Which drone?

Diatone r349 if I remember right…

I’ve just been there with a tiny whoop this am again…

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Very cool to see others meeting red kites also!

I had an encounter with a red kite last year which I posted about here: Encounter with a red kite

Since then I have run into them quite frequently. Unlike many other birds the red kites seem genuinely curious. Another video here features a group of them checking out my drone:


I like how you made most of observing their curiosity and lovely moment from 5:08 in.

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