Return to flying - CAP 2131

The attached CAA guidance document (CAP 2131) is intended to complement guidelines issued by HM Government, the Department for Transport and Public Health bodies.
You must only operate within the guidance around recreational flying activities as advised by Government.
Whilst every effort is made to ensure that all advice is pertinent at time of publication, the CAA reserves the right to amend or withdraw this document to accommodate changes to HM Government policy, to correct errors and omissions or to reflect changes in national policy and best practice.



Thanks Robert.

I like this bit >

“Flight Planning/Skill Fade
The decay of a skill due to a period of non-use is a natural human attribute and a remote
pilot should be conscious of this.”

I thought it was just me! :laughing:

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thanks for sharing this document

Thank you for this timely share.

Question! does anyone wear PPE whilst Flying?? :man_shrugging:

"If you choose to wear any PPE, you must ensure it does not create a flight safety hazard or inhibit safe operation of the aircraft in any way"

Depends, if you’re doing a job on a building site for instance you would have to wear PPE else you won’t be allowed on the site.

Generally no, the closest I come is a pair of thick socks and a beanie!


Yes. Hardhat and hi-vis keeps the busybodies at bay


Hi-viz fairly often. I’m either on a job or, if for leisure, it tends to keep people away.


I was thinking it might draw attention wearing HiVis, especially one of those with ‘Drone Pilot’ emblazoned.
I think with a Mini 2 most people don’t realise it’s there so I tend to keep a low profile.

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Commercially I think high vis etc, recreationally if pondered the pros and cons, considered flashy lights and all sort, now I just hide away, once it’s above 50m you can’t hear it any way

Over 50m and I lose sight of it!
Need to go to Specsavers!
New Cree strobe might help

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Be careful with the strobes they can push it over the 250g which would limit you a bit more. Someone else can probably tell you more about them.

I’ve considered them too as you’re right it disappears. I’ve just wrapped mine darker in the hope it will make the difference :crossed_fingers:

Yes, you’re right.
The Flytron is very light though, should be OK.
Also have dual dayglow skin.
Hard to think that some jobsworth is likely to rock up with scales sensitive enough to determine real weight though.
But we must be sensible and not spoil it for all of us.


The Mini 2 with 2 Flytron Cree strobes and rear leg mounts you can buy from a forum member bring it just under 250gm.

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@KevLincoln not jobsworth to worry about but if your drone did come down unexpectedly and cause injury or damage the the CAA may get involved and the scales would come out, or your insurance company may want to run a check and if found to be overweight they would not entertain any claim.

Just watched a video online, these flytron ones with a cree Mount still keep it under 250g which is incredible. They look really bright too.

You’re right though, only takes one incident and someone from the CAA investigating and that’s liability out the window

Existing thread on Mini weights with strobes is over here: My Mini 2 with two Strobon Crees weighs...?


A few minutes with a file would fix that

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Thanks I’ve ordered now, with the GADC discount!

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