Review / info regarding 3iC (PfCO training)

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Your 3iC comment is a bit of a concern as I’m currently doing the pfco course with them. I tend to fall asleep during each online module.

They will get you through the course… That said, do the slides still mention Class F airspace? Class F was removed and the airspace that fell into this category was moved to either class E of G airspace in 2014! Class B does not exist in the UK.

Class F still appears on their course material.
And yes Class B doesn’t exist.

When I pressed upon this, I was advised that they were looking to correct the material. The platform that the material is on does not allow free or easy updates for 3iC. I was told that they were moving to a new platform that would allow course updates and that they would update the material. This appears to have gone unchanged and this means that now even more course material is out of date.

You will also note that you can fly in Class A,C,D and E airspace which the course literature says you can’t without permission from ATC or something like that. This is not correct. You just have to obey the drone code, check air-maps for restricted areas, check NOTAMS and of course use common sense!

Like I say, I’m a bit annoyed that they abandon you straight after you complete the course! You’d think they would send out updates and notifications and also assist with changes required to operations manuals for at least a year followig your pass. Where is good customer satisfaction!

The exam questions were easy BTW on the assessment day. Just make sure you memorise the course quiz answers!

Thanks @GTMonster.
And yes … the user experience is running on legacy technology and is quite rank.
Something you won’t find out about until youve paid your fee.

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Just in case you want to run the 3iC course content from an Android phone or tablet, then I recommend Puffin browser from the Google Play store. Its one of the only browsers that still uses Adobe Flash which is what the on-line course contents runs on.

To be honest, as long as you read the course contents, learn the quiz answers from the course contents and have competency flying a quad, then you will they will pass you just fine.

Generally the flight assessment would be undertaken in Atti mode (without GPS assistance), however the Mavic does not have this mode and is allowed for use in the assessment which makes it easy.


Agree - Puffin browser is about the only way I can render Macromedia Flash content on IOS and 3iC online course is all MacFlash. I’ve emailed them about they certainly show no urgency to update their site.

Just checked course material and it has been updated. Class F now removed.


My course expires 11 May … I need to pull finger.

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I decided to go through the entire online course once again to revise / make sure I’ve got everything embedded in my head.
My first reaction - wtf ! I don’t remember this !
There appears to have been a radical update to the course material .

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And no mention of said update anywhere I’m guessing? :thinking:

No. I’ve also noticed that in one of the modules they still present class F airspace as tho’ it still exists. It’s only in the additional handout that this is corrected. The fact that they still use FLASH is a big negative.
When using Puffin browser - 1 out of the 8 course modules doesn’t do audio playback , so you can only do it on a PC - this I’ve confirmed using 2 different iPads .
Hey ho… still pressing on.

PfCO is sooooo f,ing boring…zzzzzzzzzzz

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