RTF Competition 12th to 25th December - 400 feet directly below - Winners announced

The subject for this fortnight - running up to December 25, Christmas Day, is 400 feet directly below.

Let’s see some great first shots from the Mavic 3’s you will all be getting for Christmas! :slight_smile:




• The requirement is to submit an image, either a photo or video, to illustrate the subject of the competition.
• The subject for the competition running from 00:01 Sunday December 12th to 23:00 Saturday December 25th is 400 feet directly below
• The image must be captured during the time that the competition is open and obviously be taken by a drone in flight
• Editing is confined to colour and exposure adjustments and crop only (still) plus zoom and frame rate (video) There must be no removal or pasting of an object.
• Videos must be a maximum of 30 seconds and hosted on Vimeo or YouTube. Paste the url on a separate line in your post - this will allow the moderators to make a five second gif of a section of your video for entry into the poll.
• Competitors may enter as many images as they wish. Each must be in a separate post. If you do submit multiple entries please try to illustrate the subject with markedly different images.
• Images must be posted with the following information as a minimum:
◦ Location
◦ Time and date
◦ Aircraft/camera used

Feel free to add any further information that you think will be of interest

• A valid and original Drone Scene entry for your image will gain two bonus votes when judging takes place - i.e. there must be no prior Drone Scene entry for the subject of your photograph.


  • Images will be judged by the members of GADC who may vote for any number of images by means of an anonymous poll open for two days after the closing date for competition entries.
  • Voting in the poll is open to all GADC members, whether they have entered the competition or not. You may vote for all, some or none of the entries.
  • Any image that is correctly added to the Drone Scene map with details including the Drone Code compliant take-off and landing point will be awarded two bonus votes.
  • In the event of a tie a guest judge will decide the winner
  • The original media may be requested by the judges in case of a dispute.


• The competition subject will be announced every second Saturday around 22:30. The subject will be chosen by a poll of GADC members.
• The competition will run from Sunday 00.01 to Saturday 23.00 fourteen days later.
• Voting by poll will be open for a further two days until Monday 23:00
• The winner will be announced once the vote is closed and counted

Have Fun!

Never eat at a place called Mom’s, never play cards with a man called Doc and never sleep with someone whose troubles are worse than your own .

And, if you are reading this before 22:00 on Monday 13th - time to vote for the last competition’s winners!


one of yours Steve?, nice :+1: @McSteamy2010

Ok ill start again lol.

Denver Sluice near Downham Market, Norfolk. This sluice plays a key role in the drainage of the fens and also to control tidal water.

This picture was taken today Sunday 12th December with my Mini2 at 120 mts (400 ft).


All saints Church ruins, Ridgmont. M2P during 2020 lockdown


Great shot :+1: in 2020

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Just a wee bit outside the comp period :wink:


Elgol beach, Isle of Skye, with M2P during June 2019


To be honest really haven’t got out much this year with work commitments

Stick a bird up 400 feet as you are leaving for home - treat us to a night shot of where you work :slight_smile:


I haven’t taken many straight down shots in the past and am surprised at how little shows up in the image , I will have to consider my subject carefully

He might work at HMP :joy:

Legally speaking, it’s easier to fly above a prison (restrictions apply to helicopters, not drones) than above vast areas of empty landscape like the Peak District (because of bye-laws).

Because as a country our laws make total sense. :rofl:

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Top down image of sea defences at Porthcawl, taken yesterday with MM, not entirely sure what height I was as I was more focused on how strong the wind was :grimacing:


It will show you in the properties of the image. Normally, you would have to subtract the place’s elevation above sea level - but doesn’t really apply for this shot :wink:

Using Firefox with the snappily titled Display picture meta-data extebsion we get variable results according to how a picture is presented. It seems that if it’s cropped we lose a lot of information.

Rich’s picture is uncropped so we got a fairly full read on data - except the altitude looks a wee bit off:


To be within the bounds of the title we would accept any sufficiently high shot - anywhere between 399.51 and 400.49 feet … :slight_smile:

And the lat/lng, as it states the drone is in Bruges.

Just noticed why. Metadata does not show a minus lng.

I was just typing a reply tto your firdt comment Chris when I saw you had seen the error. What are you using to pull metadata from pictures? Is it a Chrome or Firefox extension - it seems a little better than the one I’m using.

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