RTF Competition - December 12 to 25th - Subject chosen!

We have the usual three choices for the subject, the one attracting most votes will be the one selected for the competition running from Sunday 12th December to Christmas Day, Saturday December 25th.

And the potential topics are:

The poll is now closed

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And here is the link to the new competition - 400 feet directly below

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Woodrolfe Creek at Tollesbury Marina, Blackwater Estuary.
Taken with Mavic Mini 2 on 2 October 2021


@MaxCat - Great entry :clap: But please can you post it in the RTF thread for this comp? Also note that the image needs to be captured within the timeframes specified as per comp rules :wink:

Cheers! :+1:

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Absolutely fantastic!!! :heart_eyes:


Thanks for the reply and the info.

I don’t know if it is just me being a thick luddite, but I don’t find it easy to work out how to post photos and / or link into the correct thread.
I imagine it is just me not knowing how to do things, or maybe it’s my browser (Safari) or because I’m on a Mac ??

Could you help me out with some simple instructions on how to do this ?


Phil @MaxCat

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Hi Phil, you just need to click the link >>> RTF thread . Once you are in the correct thread, you click “Reply” below the last reply at the bottom of the thread, and then click the “Upload” button to add your photo.


@MaxCat …get out and get an up to date image for the competition …looks great

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