RTF Competition May 7th to 20th - Winners Announced

Well done to all - great images


Well done guys. Great job. :clap::clap::clap: finding a true one colour photo thats interesting is harder than it seems.

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Well done to the worthy winners and thanks to all for sharing your shots :clap: :clap:

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Jason’s pic is truly awesome !

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Thanks Martin.

Thanks to all that voted for my pictures, and it’s Great to see everyone entry not as easy task maybe thats why they call it a challenge :grinning:

Well done lads👍. Some top pics there.

Well deserved!

I couldn’t agree more, great challenge and great set of pictures. Nicely done all.

Lovely shots. Well done everyone!

Really good entries for this one …
I wish I was this good…:worried:

Keep practising, keep entering! You will surprise yourself as to how good you become :slight_smile: