RTF Competition October 17th to 30th - LIGHTS - Winners announced!

The entries for this fortnight’s competition are below Click here to be taken to the poll to pick the winning photo, 260 or video. Hurry, you only have until 23:00 November the 1st to vote!.


If you are reading this before Monday 18th at 23:45 make sure you vote for the winners of the last competition here

Yahoo…Sunderland Illuminations is on…it will be my first night flight though !:hushed:


I suspect this will be the first of many trailing light shots but the light winds and nice blue hour light this evening seemed right to give it a go.
Taken near to Jct 12 of M5, gloucestershire with mavic mini


Thanks for being first to post, Rich :slight_smile:

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Oh a day out when I did these :pensive: can I get in please sir


These are great. You might want to take a quick squint at the rules if you want to enter. :wink:


It was yesterday I did them anyway. Out of date

Hi Neil,

Love the enthusiasm and love the colours of the pictures.

You have realised that you slightly jumped the gun - by a few hours :frowning:

Also you need to post each picture individually and give us a few details:

Competitors may enter as many images as they wish. Each must be in a separate post
• Images must be posted with the following information as a minimum:
◦ Location
◦ Time and date
◦ Aircraft/camera used

This is a slightly weird setup - the committee set the rules and provide a thread for each fortnightly competition to take place but the GADC members vote on the subject and subsequently vote on the best picture to decide the winner.

You might try appealing to their better natures to see whether they are feeling generous - or whether your pics pose a threat to their chances of winning :slight_smile:

We are going outside for a while, we are sure you chaps can talk amongst yourselves while we are gone …


Taken tonight at the A45 roundabout by Rushden Lakes shopping centre Northamptonshire
with DJIM2

First Night flight and loved doing it much easier to see you drone flashing away in the sky :slightly_smiling_face:


@Neil79 so it was you who sparked this reaction… :wink: :joy: :wink:

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No it wasn’t the no flight part you can’t fly over but yes it needed air traffic control as they was drones of all sizes and fpv flying over. Security even came and talked to me and was fully supportive with my dji mini 2 but not keen on the others flying around. Anyway all good no issues and no drones in hook a duck. :grin::rofl:

Ratcliffe Power Station. Taken this evening around 8pm with my Mavic Mini. Location added to Drone Scene.


Although I’m not sure that I don’t prefer this one. Same time, same place, same equipment. :wink:


Great subject, although kinda wish it was picked after the clocks changed! Which is ironically, when this challenge ends. :laughing: Wouldn’t be a challenge then I suppose. Will see if I can be arsed to hang around for a couple of hours in the city after finishing work!

It is possible, perhaps, to find lights outside of cities too. Here at Challenge HQ we often have torchlight parades of angry pitchfork-wielding villagers …

We don’t want to apportion blame here but …

It was picked from a list of suggestions made by GADC members via random selection of three potential subjects then a vote, again by GADC members, to select the final subject. GADC members will vote on the images submitted to determine a winner. Do you see a trend emerging here? :slight_smile:

I blame the people that voted personally. :wink:

I voted water so nothing to do with me :rofl:

They all voted personally. No proxies or postal votes. :slight_smile: