RTF Competition - Sunday 9th to Saturday 22nd October - Vote for the Subject


Time moves on relentlessly. Which means you have one week left to get your “After Rain” pictures submitted*.

And we have had to fire up the Randomizer™ again to select subjects from the list chosen by you. Now that the Tefal-heads have done their work and carefully re-indexed the punch cards ready for another run in a fortnights’ time we can reveal tonight’s three subjects for your vote

And they are:

You have until 22:00 on Saturday October 8th to pick the subject that suits you best - and hope your fellow competitors feel the same way!

*Technically any photo is “after rain” even if it is taken in the middle of a three-year drought. It must have rained at some time in the past …
Just sayin’ :sunglasses:

And the subject you have chosen is - Estates.

Enter the competition here!

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