RTF Runners Up Advent Calendar

RTF Runners Up Advent Calendar

Here will be some of the place winning pictures from this year’s RTF Competitions. Each day will show a different picture. Just click on the date on each post and all will be revealed


Thursday, December 1st

To “kick off” the calendar we have this second placed image from the December 12-25 2021 RTF - 400 feet directly below. Secondplace went to Chris, @clinkadink with an intriguing maze at Conholt Park Estate, nr Andover

Friday, December 2nd

Another from 400 feet Directly Below - third place winner @RichGBiscuit with a great view of boats at Saul Junction Marina, on the Gloucester-Sharpness canal:

Saturday, December 3rd

A change of RTF now - a chilly January subject, Monochrome Landscape. Second place was claimed by Chris B. @CSB73 with a fine shot of Walltown Crags, Northumberland, on the Hadrians wall route:

Sunday, December 4th

The first RTF to be fully in 2022 was the Windmills competition (Jan 9th to 22nd) Second place was taken by regular entrant John Blakeston, aka @John768, His example is Wrawby Windmill in North Lincolnshire:

Monday, December 5th

Third place in our January 2022 RTF was another cracking shot of a windmill with dramatic lighting, this time an image by @datamandan - Daniel Sharp - of Llancayo Windmill, Monmouthshire.

Tuesday, December 6th

Our next RTF kept our entrants on their best behaviour, taking off from public spaces adjoining or near to National Trust land (but never on it!) in order to photgraph the properties. @Ximi grabbed second place with a shot, not of a stately home but Knipe Point and Cayton Cliff - a great seascape

Wednesday, December 7th

Jason - @Acedrone - gave us a video rendering of National Trust’s Lyveden New Bield, Northamptonshire, an intriguingly shaped building embodying a great deal of religious symbolism:

Lyveden New Bield - YouTube

Thursday, December 8th

Mark Boughen - @msgyorkie - came second in the Heavy Metal RTF round with his deceptively simple shot of grain silos on Kings Lynn docks, Norfolk

Friday, December 9th

Gavin Newcombe - @Gavinnewcombe - managed to win both first place and a tied second place in the Seascapes round that led us into March.

Here is his second place shot of the Solway Viaduct remains on the Solway Firth.:

Saturday, December 10th

We said yesterday that there had been a tie for second place in the Seascapes round, who tied with Gavin Newcombe? Well done to @Sandbagger for this great monochrome shot of the Sea Stack at Marsden Bay South Shields:

Sunday, December 11th

Second place in the Tallest RTF that began March 2022 was @Drumsagard with a great golden hour shot of the 127 metre tall Glasgow Tower (formerly the Millennium Tower) located on the south bank of the River Clyde iof his home city of Glasgow,

Monday, December 12th

The competition that brought March to a close, Moving Water, was unusual - a three way tie meant three first places - or, it could be argued, three runners up. However you view the situation we are taking the opportunity to show the images again! @Clinkadink submitted this great still of Bathampton Weir:

Tuesday, December 13th

The second of the trio of firsts in the Moving Water competition was this video by Steve Sweetman-Bancroft - @stevesb - of Scaleber Force waterfall near Settle.

Scaleber Force Waterfall near Settle - YouTube

Wednesday, December 14th

There was a hiatus while the Chall Com staff concentrated on the FundamentalColour Challenge. The RTF staffers revelled in their six-week freedom, like pit ponies brought to the surface for their annual break. All too soon the holiday was over and it was back to the thankless and Sisyphean task of exhorting competitors to try a little altitude with their photography and to adopt the attitude that quality wins more times than quantity. :frowning:

New entrant @Bobbysmile proved the worth of both the above dictums with a shot of industry set amongst the scenic splendours of Dartmoor - Moor Kaolinite & Tungsten works:

Thursday, December 15th

Those of you who are paying attention will have realised that we are skipping through the review of the runners-up pictures at a fair old lick. Why aren’t we always showing second and third places in some instances? Or, indeed, skipping competitions altogether?

There are certain names that seem to regularly appear, quite rightly, on the podium; however, we thought we would try and showcase 25 different photographers in this calendar - will we be successful?

Carry on opening the daily posts to find out :slight_smile:

And with that we are going to carry out our second great deception in this series and claim that two first places could be seen as two second places - and are for the purpose of this calendar. We are by no means disparaging the photographers, each of whom submitted a great picture of an ugly building, as per the brief.

First is newcomer @Dak with golden hour shot of the Yorkshire Building Society in Bradford. Well done Dakin!

Friday, December 16th

The Ugly Building competition produced a great crop of ugly looking buildings, many the epitome of the brutalist aechitecture that permeated the 60s and 70s. It also was a triumph for newcomers to the RTF, the second of our joint winners being @Dorje - Ben’s - water stained concrete monolith, New Town House and the Quattro Building, former office of the Warrington borough council.

Saturday, December 17th

In mid July the RTF staff fled the bunker at the first intimation thet the Geburtstagsforschungstruppen were on their way to establish the annual reign of terror that is the Birthday Challenge and Treasure Hunt.

hey were only enticed back to Chall Com HQ in late September with assurances that the nasty men had left, probably to administer the Fun and Friendly Edit competition, and also with promises that there would be slightly less gristle bulking out their daily gruel.

The first subject drawn from the pool was Golden Hour, a welcome relief after the previous parade of horrendous buildings. Continuing the them of new entrants doing well in the RTF competitions was third placed @DroneGeek with his great shot of Bridgwater. Ian obviously got up early to capture the sun rising and the low-lying mist:

Sunday, December 18th

Second place in the Golden Hour round was claimed by @Crackerjack - Andy - who made Morecambe promenade look unusually appealing by the light of a low autumn sun:

Monday, December 19th

The end of September had the subject of After Rain, second place taken by Darren Clark - @mynameisjoe with a fine double ended rainbow taken just south of Glenshee: