Samsung S20 Android & Mavic 2 Pro

Upgraded to a Samsung S20ultra last week and can’t get GO4 to work! I have had a couple of fill my pants moments over the last few days with the following screen …

I’ve deleted the app & reinstalled it and getting the same outcome.

Everything starts up find and after say a minute I get the yellow banner saying connection issues.

Never had this once with my trusty Apple iPhone (just saying)

Any one know of a fix or having the same issues?

Android V10

What is your USB configuration?

You may need to go into Developer Options to find out. It may need to be set to MTP or PTP .

I must admit my first reply would have been ditch DJI and try Litchi …

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:confused: developer options, this sounds serious. How do I go about this?

Not really. It just adds some functionality without giving yo major access.

You may not actually need it. I’m not familiar with flash new Samsungs you may be able to get at the USB options merely by going into settings. If it’s not obvious type USB in the search box and see where that gets you.

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You were warned :wink:

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Slightly regretting it :upside_down_face: phone though is fantastic. And if it could fly my drone it would be fantastic-er

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I know someone with the M2P and the S20. Just contacted him and he says it’s been fine out of the box.


Perhaps unpair the controller and re pair?

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I’ve just tried it again with out the side cable and using a USB it it stayed connected. Just wondering if the plug bot that clips it to the handles of the controller maybe isn’t inserted enough into the phone.



Damaged the micro USB on the side of the RC?

Can’t really tell a thing from that pic.

Do you have a case on your phone when it’s in the RC?


Basically where the cable clicks into that holder, my phone doesn’t then fit into the grips properly for the cable to then go into my phone deep enough.

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Yes I do. Going to have to start removing it or cut down the grips so my phone fits in between

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Try it without.

It’s another reason I have a dedicated drone-phone that’s never in a case.

Also had to trim the grips for it to seat correctly.


Phone now fits much better, will go for a flight later see how it does. So far so good.


Dont know about Mavic pro 2 controlers or the S20 Ultra but I think you maybe onto something. Ive had many a phone over years that wouldnt charge properly with a case still on :+1:t2:

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Didn’t get chance to fly tonight, so will update tomorrow. Think it will be good though. No case on the phone and its staying connected now. Don’t want this to be a permanent thing though. Not a cheap phone to just willy nilly get out the case everytime I want to fly.

Did you find a thin enough case for your iPhones to fit in a DJI controller ? I’ve not had any such luck (yet)

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No the iPhone too was to fat to fit the arms with the case on and always took it off. But that was 2 years old so didn’t really bother me. I think I’m going to have to mod the arms of the controller like Dave said to suit my case.

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