Scotland Meetup?

Calling on all the sweaty socks, are there enough of us up here to organise a meet? If not we could also invite a select few of our stinky southern brethren to join us in Gods Country? Anyone fancy getting something together? (I can tell this is going to be a short lived thread)


Depending on the location and date, I’m up for it. Need mountains though.

Lots to choose from, anywhere north of Perth/Stirling has plenty. Most are pretty easy to get to as well with little more than an hours travel from central belt

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… or 8 hours from Hampshire. :joy:

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Hey it aint my fault you live miles from (true) civilisation :grin:

Nor mine that … LOL

I spoke to my misses. Bit of an effort mind :laughing:
We can do mid to late August as she is a volunteer for the commonwealth games. Then she will be free. Other than that, work is mental otherwise. Not sure if you wanted a meet sooner.

@Steviegeek @SirGunner etc

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To be fare it will probably take that long to organise if we can get enough numbers to justify it

Ahh. Too late to fit in with my sojourn to Loch Fyne in 4 weeks, then. :rofl:

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:rofl: yeah I dont think we have enough time to get organised in four weeks. Make sure you get yourself some nice oysters at Loch Fyne though :yum: :ok_hand:

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Excellent beers are the reason I’m there … Fyne Fest, by Fyne Ales.

I’ll try to get some seafood sorted, but my companions aren’t that excited by it.

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Hehehe, if youre going for fyne fest best stay away from the seafood

Not a problem for me. Total omnivore … and proud of it. :+1:

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Well theres certainly lots of nice scenery over there on the west coast, some absolutely stunning places to visit, if you’re lucky you’ll also miss midgefest . Hope you and your companions enjoy your visit

I’d be up for it, but being a wedding photographer means this is my busy season. If you are thinking autumn/winter (best time to see our fabulous mountains anyway) I could be there :+1:

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I would be up for this depending on dates :star_struck:

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Anything for square sausage me :grinning: I’m in :+1:t2:

Oh why not. Never been Scotland and said would go this year! Just try and pick the one day of flyable weather a year please

Yes, I would be interested if it was fairly central or in the east.

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Food of the DEVIL!!!