Screwdriver for changing DJI Mini 4 propellers

I hope this helps some of you in some way.

I had to change the propellers on my Mini 4 Pro today, but thanks to purchasing this screwdriver it went absolutely without a problem at all - Warmed the end in boiling water before use, I took it firmly but slowly and it went without a hitch.

This was a relief as you may remember the nightmare @Sparkyws saved me from when it all went tits up with my Mini 3 Pro last year :joy:

But here’s the screwdriver in case anyone’s interested - it’s a Chinese head.


Did you try the supplied screwdriver?
I know it’s not great quality, but did you ‘have’ to use a 3rd party one?

Oh god yes, I tried the supplied one many times, just useless.
You can’t get any pressure behind it as it’s so small, plus it wasn’t kind on the screw heads.

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why? (new one to me)


Apparently it helps melt the Loctite blue glue that is on the end of the screws to help keep them in place.

Lots about it here: Prop screws are too tight,I cant take them out for replacement | DJI FORUM

After reading this topic, and as I have only recently purchased the mini 4 pro I thought I will try and undo one of my props, in case I have a mishap out in the field, I’m glad to say it came undone fairly easily with a Wera 118020 Kraftform 2050 Micro Phillips Screwdriver PH00, I already had purchased for my previous older drones, I also found that the Wera PH0 and Ph1, in the same Kraftform series, are excellent screwdrivers for small screws, looking at the DJI supplied screwdriver I don’t think that would have undone the prop screws, unless they are loose. I put a link below where you purchase these excellent screwdrivers from, this was the first link I came across, I cant remember where I purchased mine from.

Hope this helps anyone trying to remove the props, as I did not need to use any hot water to soften the locktite.

Was just trying to be helpful :man_shrugging:

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it was, never thought about warming up the tip of the screwdriver to aide in breaking the loctite … not sure how well it really works (temp of screwdriver tip and thermal capacity or the screwdriver and conductivity of the screwdriver tip considered to transfer the heat (warmth) to the screw

worth a shot …

my experience of loctite is that it needs real heat when installed in a proper location onto a proper bolt (M10 or above, something like differential crown wheel bolts) where an extra weetabix is required (or an extension tube for leverage) but quality tools that don’t deform as soon as it’s removed from the packet and just sees the screw it’s about to aide in releasing or are sold as one time use only tools is always a benefit

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This was discussed at length a few months ago:

It appears that (although it looks like a Phillips screw) its actually a JIS screw (as pointed out by @stegib earlier in this thread) … no, I had never heard of them either!

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They are JIS - Japanese Industry Standards- screws which are similar but different to Ph screws. The JIS screwdriver will locate right into the X on the screw head - a Ph driver won’t fully engage and can wind out and damage the X making release very difficult :man_shrugging:t2:

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Sounds really useful. I am buying one as it is too late when you are out without one and the screw is stuck. Thank you @stegib

same here, had to cut the blades off after the threads have rounded,

Thanks Sparkorc, helpful post. If the supplied tool had a larger handle, it would do the job safely. As it is, there is a risk of damaging the screw head. As it happens I do have one with a larger handle and the screws are easily withdrawn without heating.

On my Mini 3 props, I have only used the DJI screwdriver. It was quite difficult to turn, but seemed to be a very good fit.

I would guess that DJI only supply a small screwdriver to make it difficult to over-tighten the screws, which are extremely tiny.

Mini 3, Mini 3 Pro & Mini 4 Pro propeller blades are identical (same part number on the blade), but the screws are different types and sizes, so they are sold as different parts, each pack envelope containing 2 blades (A or B) and 3 screws.

M3 prop screws: M1.8
M3 Pro & M4 Pro prop screws: M1.2

(Taking screw size from my micrometer measurement.)

As a newbie with a Mini 4 Pro, I’ve just heard about the issues of DJI supplied PH00 screwdriver. After some internet scouring, I’ve just received a J00 screwdriver from these guys: Hopefully it’ll be a while before I need to use it.

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