SD Card Question

I just bought a Mavic 2 and bought a new SD Card which is 128GB with a transfer rate of 100mb/s. I am getting an error message from the drone saying ‘transfer speed too low, cannot record video at 4K’. What is the minimum transfer speed for 4K video please? Do I need a new card? At what speed?

Thanks in advance.

@Joe The stated transfer speed on most cards is the data “read” rate and the date “write” rate is often not stated but is significantly lower. You need a UHS 3, sometimes called U3 card at least for 4k as this will have a better write speed of min 30MB/s. SanDisk and others have this capability.


Have you checked the read/write speeds or just quoting the packaging?

You may well have a fake on your hands.


That’s a lot of memory to lose all at once if your card goes bad or your bird goes down if you do need to replace it consider having smaller memory multiples you can always swop a card out when you change a battery!

Have you formatted it sometimes you get messages which aren’t strictly true when you have need of formatting the card is something I’ve experienced

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Further to my comment above 64gb should be good for approx 1hr & 20mins at 4K

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This :+1:

Mavic 2 will throw up an error on U1 V10 cards.

It has to be a U3 V30 card.

If your card is a U3 then this


I agree with all the above. Get a sandisc gold,ultra high speed, no more than 64GB, or buy 2x32GB then you have a back up. Buy from a reputable supplier, Tesco, Amazon, Asda. NOT eBay, there’s hundreds or thousands of fake cards being sold on there, it’s just not worth the hassle. If you go onto You Tube and look for 51drones, Russ has a great tutorial about what to look for in an SD card.


Argos can be added to this list :+1:


Oh yes, keep forgetting good old Argos/Sainsbury’s. Are Jessops still on the go, or are they fading fast. They were always good for advice on SD cards etc, something you cant t get in a supermarket.

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Yes I think so and can at times be a good punt


This is what you need…

The V30 is the key thing

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


And the advice to buy smaller cards makes sense. At the end of each flight you change your battery even though it’s not necessarily fully discharged. Change your card at the same time. It may add thirty seconds to your turn around time before the next flight.

If there is a problem with the card while being written to or while being read by your computer then one flight’s worth of images are lost, not a whole session.

And yes, SD cards are one of the most faked items in the world and eBay have most of them for sale! Use a trusted vendor. :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure the gold plated contacts on the SDcard receptacle in the quad are good for ‘wiping’ every flight, it might lead to reliability problems.
But before I stick this comment well and truly over the parapit I’ll do some checking on the connetor spec. sheets,
But having said that we don’t what quality DJI fit, bluechip or cheapest in China :slightly_frowning_face:

Would always use Sandisk Extreme, never once had a problem.

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Hi All. Thank you for your replies. Apologies for my non response, but we have had a power cut for 24 hours! This was the card I bought from Amazon:

From your answers it looks like I need the ‘Extreme’ version?

I take your points on buying a smaller card and swapping it with the battery swap on an excursion. I am always a bit wary of fiddling around with these things in the field with cold fingers and dropping it into grass etc which is why I like to go for the 128gb cards.

Ah thanks I was never sure of what a card would hold in the real world. 64GB will be more than enough for what I do.

So last year I bought this SD card for my Phantom 4 however I’m wondering if it would be okay with my Mavic 2 Zoom as well?

I dont think it will work with 4k , but may work with lower res . but im no expert . I think you need a u3 for the best results

I was able to shoot 4k with my Phantom