Second Build... Doh!

OK, so after the sad loss of Martian one, it’s time for Martian 2.0! I was going to wait till early next year, but already bought another frame (had one spare, but nice to have two, and only cheap), and the same Diatone Mamba 722 stack (I get it, I understand it, it worked well, let’s have it), but a few other parts I may change from build one and learning…

I will do 4S again to start, not going 6 yet! So will keep the same motors (had 2 spare anyways, so going to get another 3 and have one spare). The two things I’m thinking…

VTX - The rush FPV was good I think, Yith, and Ben got good reception from it, was my goggles that weren’t brilliant (but I’ve had a delivery today, will reveal later…), so goggles shud be sorted. It does up to 800mW, and Oscar Liang recommended. Should I change?

Camera - Now this is MORE important. I think the Eagle 3 quality was good, but the DVR from goggles 1 has the OSD, and 2 not great. Losing a runcan 5 was hard, but… Wasn’t a GoPro Hero 10 I guess. Also the extra weight of a 2ndary camera, whilst hard for me to tell (had had 2 sessions with the drone, 1 with and one without the RC5) is lighter. So what are peoples experience/opinion of split cams? I don’t want/need GoPro quality, 1080 be fine, but better than the analogue would be great. Also be good afor a standard 30.5 mount option of the DVR.

GPS - Guess can help, but don’t rely on it?

Buzzer, Had a vifly 2. It worked, but not when needed… Anyone any other suggestions?

I’ve had delivery as well today. Something to replace my ev800d. Would be something if we’d gone for the same thing.
I had a variety of vtx in my drones. Crappy eachine tx06, cheap runcam , akk and tbs Unify. All lost signal at some point.
GPS gives a lot for just £10. The tbs one works great.
Vifly of some sort is essential I’d say.
LEDS are much fun and you can program the colours to mean different things. I bought a metre of them and cut off what I need as I need them.
I like the Dvr split on my gecko and given the chance in a new build I’d go for one again. I don’t want to have to redesign my existing builds to fit one though as the boards are quite big. Beware of the old models as they appear to corrupt files if switched off suddenly. I like especially that being inside the quad they should be a lot more resilient to crashes.

And here we go again…going to take a while as can’t get the motors or the radio.

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I call this stage of a project ‘The grand gathering of parts’ :slight_smile:

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I still haven’t posted your runcam mount. Do you still need it? Or are you going with a different camera @gunja99

I was.gonna ask (not chase as no point in it ATM but if you had sent it hadn’t arrived!)

I’m yet to decide see me comments on split op above. The rc5 had great footage but might go split… Decisions decisions.

So no rush at all and hold off and thanks and sorry for wasting some TPU!

Its all good. I have a rc5 so if you don’t have it, I can make use of it.

I had one too… For less than 48 hours lol

Glad can make use of it!

i hope you new build goes smoother than mine i still cant get video from this quad changed the esc and fc different camera. just ordered at new VTX only thing left to change.

What you get

Had the vifly and will probably do GPS this time round.

I loved that footage. Simple without a second cam

Just wondered if people had experience with any specific split cams and what latency you get with em?

Hmm me quoting hasn’t worked well on phone…

Cough cough, speed record…

Haha o have seen your speed records. Which reminds me I have airdata of a faster Mavic mini flight must submit!!

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My quoting isn’t working either :thinking:

Got 141mph the other day. Still not enough for top spot

Weird isn’t it…

Now if anyone can find me some emax Eco ii 2400 2207 in stock… I had 1 spare hense wanting to get same. It’ll never get used…

These any good to you?

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Cheers sirgunner. I had seen them. Hurts a bit when unmanned were 9.95 each, though they expecting them at same time. 21st oct delivery on them…

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You’re fine to mix and match different kv motors if you like. I had 1 2450kv and 3 2750 kv at one point. Same goes for props.

I did not know this! :exploding_head: