Sheffield drone user

Hi im new to grey arrows and looking about to find few good places nearby Sheffield to fly my drone and for ariel footage , please help and be very much appreciated thanks…

Hey bud you’ve got loads of places in the Peak District.
I’m from Stoke and have travelled up there a few times now.
My next outing will be to Ladybower Dam.

hi, ive been in peek district but they are signs about saying no drone flying aloud and on the NATS app it shows its clear for flight. So I can’t understand why so never tried in case of complaints …

I’m having this issue as well, I think of a great place to fly but then have my idea squashed by researching and finding out that drones are banned by the local land owners…

Apparently I’ve found that its because of the wildlife Trust .

Yeah I’ve found the same when researching places they always state its because of the wildlife or the safety of their visitors. Really struggling to find nice places to photograph or shoot some nice cinematic footage without running into no drone bylaws from land owners.

Dusty the guy on here is going to ladybower dam try out that place mate and you should get some good footage there mate.:+1:

DroneScene is your guide:

Nice thanks keener :+1:

Might head up that way tomorrow and see how I get on :+1:t2::grin:

Keep us posted if you do mate :+1:

Will do, best get the batteries on charge :rofl:

:rofl: hope you get ariel footage.

The girlfriends not feeling great this morning so won’t be going unfortunately :pensive:, its definitely on my list to fly soon though! :grin:

Hope she’s feeling better soon , and when you get to go let’s us know how it was and best place to be :+1:

Will do :+1:

Mostly the issue is due to ground nesting bird season which runs until end of August I believe. Either way landowner permission must be granted for flying on (taking off/landing) the peak park. The land is owned by a conbination of the national trust , private land owners and also water authorities…of these the only likely ones to grant permission would be a private land owner as the national trust and the water authorities very rarely great permission for recreational drone use.

Flying over the area is of course possible as they don’t own the air as long as the air space itself hasn’t had a rescriction applied and you follow the rules as laid out in current legislation.

If you want to avoid hassle, I’d avoid the peaks especially during the holiday season. Instead look at areas like Treeton, wickersly or maybe Westwood country park. Even areas like park hill have places like the cholera monument grounds and the Sky edge fields both of which are extremely quiet if you pick the right day and time to visit. (The sky edge fields give an excellent view of the city) Basically all you need is a large publicly owned park. Visit during a quiet time. Stay away from buildings and people. Follow the drone rules. Enjoy yourself.
Leave the Peaks till the autumn and winter months when it’s quieter.

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Wow … never thought of Sky Edge and to think I grew up around there .

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Yeh sky edge field i use to live not to far from there

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