Should I sell my drone too?

I’m so conflicted… Have an M2P in perfect condition and have enjoyed flying it massively. This site gave me so much enthusiasm and a steroid infused reason to fly. A heart felt thanks to the admins that tolerated me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… Look up the treasure hunt competition I won if you’re under any dillusions about how far I went to win. Some of those pictures I had printed and hang on the walls of our lovely family home…

But… I’ve been so frustrated with all the legal changes over the last 2-3 years that all motivation to fly has gone. I get it… The changes were needed to stop irresponsible flyers and I’m all for that… But it made me feel so nervous about ever just going out into the middle of nowhere and flying for the sheer joy of it in case someone got upset…

I’m hugely extroverted… I sell software for a living and have been fortunate in my career… But the thought of getting arrested or similar for flying has massively put me off…

Genuine question…

Do I sell up…M2P with loads of lenses, 3 batteries, cases etc… Make me an offer…

Or do I try and get back into a much loved hobby?


Try and get back into it !

If you follow the rules and fly well away from people most of the time the chances anyone will bother you ( other than to ask interested questions ) is miniscule


I’m fairly new to drone flying, so I’ve never known what it was like not to be closely regulated. After getting hooked, my first priority was to get an A2CofC to expand the areas in which I could fly, and I enjoy just flying for the pleasure of increasing my control of the drone.
Yes, the restrictions are a pain, but I’d certainly miss it, and I’m sure you would too if you gave it up. Persevere and make the best of it. If you don’t, those anti-social flyers who have created this situation and don’t stick to the rules anyway will be the only ones left.

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Do both?

Sell the old Mavic 2 and buy a Mini 2.

Which is why you should buy a Mini 2. The new regs open up even more possibilities with this drone, not less :slight_smile:


Get out there and fly my man! With some research into the new rules you’ll find them way more flexible than what you had before like stated above buy a mini 2 the only real rule with that drone is don’t fly it in a FRZ pretty much everything else goes you can fly it in places you could only dream of with your mavic 2 like city’s

Have a look at the awesome images posted by @kvetner the other night in Manchester here:

Manchester at night, October 2021

And the fantastic panos here:

Manchester panos at night, October 2021

If that doesn’t inspire you to get yourself a mini 2 and get out there and fly then nothing will :ok_hand:t2:

Don’t let the Karen’s and Kevin’s spoil the hobby you love!


You will not get arrested for flying :sunglasses:


You’re probably right… But having spent a few nights in the nick already, don’t really want to go back :wink:

Illegitimi non carborundum - Don’t let the bastards grind you down

The very fact that you have concerns where to fly suggests you’re not very likely to blatantly flaunt the Drone Code. Yes, there will always be someone who thinks you may be breaking the rules but 9 times out of 10 they have no idea what they’re talking about. The worst that can happen is the police are involved who will ask you to land your drone. Just smile sweetly, land the drone and move on to your next adventure - simples.

You’ve obviously had a lot of enjoyment from flying your drone - don’t let a bunch of Kevins/Karens spoil your enjoyment.

There are several new sub 250gram drones about to be released that have very impressive specs.which are certainly good enough for some seriously good results. Once a few reviews have been released - that’s where my money is going. Don’t give up Lozzer :+1: :+1: :+1:


Hey Lozzer
I was in exactly the same position as you with my Mp2 ,I had all the gear you could ever need to fly .

It’s now gone and I don’t miss it, and I have had the Mini 2 since March this year ,its an awesome capable drone which still surprises me every time I fly it.

I can fly it pretty much everywhere, it has renewed my enthusiasm for the hobby no end.

Get yourself a big ipad Pro 12.9 and go enjoy.



@Lozzer I’m with these guys. Sell the M2P and get a Mini 2. I use the Mini 2 but still have my M2P (unused since I got the Mini 2) but I won’t be selling the M2P as there is plenty of open space only an hour or so from where I live. I flew a lot more during the treasure hunt than previously and the Mini 2 allowed me to fly in places where a big drone was not an option. The other thing I found, probably more relevant to your situation, was that everyone I encountered was curious and interested to see a drone. As they become more common I think they are becoming more accepted by the public, that’s my perception anyway. :+1:

As mentioned get a Mini2, but keep your Mavic if funds allow.

I’m not a fan of DJI but I do have a Mini2, even though I have many other more advanced drones.

The reason is because my health has not been the greatest this last year and I’ve had little to no opertunity to travel out and fly the larger drones. With the Mini2 I can legally take off from my property and whizz about without raising an eyebrow. Where as if I were to launch one of my larger drones from my driveway the villagers would nodoubt chase me with pitchforks and torches.

Or if you fancy something other than DJI @Lozzer the new Autel Mini will be available in a month or so: Autel Evo Nano - sub 250g drone - Rumours, leaks, gossip and general discussion

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All my drones from a Spark to Phantom 4 wont get to be classed with a C rating and therefore I will be one of the many banished to the zombie area far away from people and buildings, and I normally go down to the beach where I live at the crack of dawn to avoid issues. I can understand people saying they are thinking of giving up and its a real shame that because of a very few who do crazy stunts and put them online and the media saying drones are going to kill everyone that all these rules are coming in. But even with old legacy drones, one can still find places to fly if one goes places really early when deserted or just find places out in the sticks or as many have buy a sub250 gram drone.

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I totally understand your situation, when I brought my mini 1 within a bout 4 months all he’ll broke loose with the new laws, drone codes, speculation on new laws, and trying to understand where and where I can or cannot fly is still to this day a bit of a dark science.

To be honest I have taken off, flown and landed on some national trust owned land, where in my view I was not going to cause a nuisance.

To avoid issues I usually take my drone up to maximum height or fly over lakes where I am not flying over people or at least the drone is just a minor buzzing noise

So far no problems, but it does restrict where I can fly. Recently I flew straight up at Barafundle Bay from the cliff edge and got some nice photos, 360 etc.

If I feel that my flying is going to be too close to people I simply put my drone away and go home feeling a bit let down, but knowing I’ve not put anyone in danger.

I have flown in local parks but high up and or over a lake without incident.

Don’t give up and enjoy it when you can :grinning:

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If that doesn’t inspire you to get yourself a mini 2

I don’t know if that was a pun (Inspire) intended, but it was very good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I sold my Mavic Pro a couple of months ago, as I was using my mini 2 all the time.
I certainly regret selling it now. I realy miss it.
Go on then, sell me yours

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Happy to! No clue honestly what is worth. Near perfect condition, 3 x batteries and fly more bits etc… I’ll upload some pics over the weekend.

Think it’s a good idea to get the smaller one :+1:t3: