Shout out to Unmanned Tech

As I mentioned in my first post in this forum, I had an overheating issue with my TX12 when trying to hook it up to OpenTX but it still seemed to be working fine so I carried on.

Even after noticing a singed component when I had the unit open to convert it to Mode 3, it was still working.

However, when the batteries finally ran out and I came to recharge it I found out what was broken.

So after a quick scan of the Unmanned Tech website to see if they do a cheap charger (they didn’t seem to) I raised a ticket explaining the situation and asking for advice - well aware that I’d probably blown the warranty by opening it.

Not only did Cameron recommend a suitable charger on amazon, he has spent the past couple of weeks chasing Radiomaster until it seems they have agreed to send a replacement board, after initially insisting that it must have been user error.

Now that’s what I call customer service.

*I am not affiliated with Unmanned Tech
*I am still, after several hours of sim/real world practice, barely able to control my FPV drone. :frowning_face: :laughing:


It’s nice to hear some positive feedback on a supplier these days :slight_smile:


I would spend so much more money with Unmannedtech if I could but more often than not they never have what I want in stock so end up taking my money elsewhere half the time.

But other than the stock issues I have had an extremely positive shopping experience with Unmannedtech so I can 2nd your shoutout. :+1:t2:


I’ve used them lots and always had a good experience.

The out of stock problems do seem to be pretty common with most fpv focussed retailers in the uk and I’d suggest it’s because these guys price keenly that they sell plenty.

Great to hear they’ve helped.


If only they’d just hurry up and get their click n collect service running - they’re a 5 minute drive from me.

Actually, thinking about it, that’s probably not a good thing :grimacing:


Good to hear. I received a vtx viper from them without the power lead and being my first order with them, I started to get worried I’d be left with an unusable item and having to argue with them about it but although there were a few gaps in comms, they dealt with it and DPD shipped the cable.
I have a tango 2 on backorder with them so it’s good to read another account of good customer service.