Slow sd card


Having a mess about with the MP2 and i noticed it came up with slow sd card and something about 4k

The sd card is
SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC Memory Card + SD Adapter with A1 App Performance up to 100MB/s, Class 10, U1.

I only use scandisk in my cameras and so on and never had this prob.

Anyone else come across this.

Oh forgot to add, there’s a port on the controller for sd card too, so do i use it in drone or controller

Mick :pleading_face:



Mick @raider64
I seem to remember someone on here recommending a minimum of U3 for 4K video. Am sure someone far more technical than me will be along shortly to explain the best choice.



I’m not too fussed about the 4k it’s the slow sd card thingy that shows up.

Cheers @mickydd :+1:

I shall wait and see what the experts say



I presume you are using the new smart controller.
Were you recording video at the time?




The sd card is in the drone at mo.

tbh, been upto my neck in diy and sort of having 5 mins here and there with it



It will show slow card error on a U1 card.

You really want a U3/V30 card for the M2P.



Cheers @mickydd @callum

Just looked in my amazon basket had 2 sd cards in there ,and some idiot made my finger press and buy the wrong one :angry: :wink:



You could probably use the U1 in the smart controller and new U3 in the M2P.

I’m not familiar with the smart controller but cant imagine whatever the sd is for requiring high write speeds.

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I remember someone posting this useful chart.



Cheers guys for your help.

new card will be with me the morra, and @callum i did think about putting the other in the controller.
so will see what gives :+1:

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That card is an important reminder that ?k is not as important as MB/sec!

Compress it enough you can have 4k at 5Mb/sec …. it will be as ugly as eff!, but - technically - it’s still 4k!

And I believe the M2P can actually exceed 90MB/sec … @callum?



I read about this online last week after buying a standard sandisk SD card and ended up returning it for a sandisk extreme SD card. It’s a high write speed you need most cards only show the read speed. Hope this helps



M2P writes at 100Mb/s so 8.5MB/s

Its just over the guaranteed minimum of a U1 so the U3 is perfect.

Not just video, when shooting raw, each shot is 40MB which would could take 4 seconds to write on a U1 card.

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Frigging B/b!!! Yup - if I had £10 for every time I forget that I’d have …. more than £10. :stuck_out_tongue:



It’s one of those things that we shouldn’t be fucking dealing with in this day and age. :rofl:

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Going to add that M2P only supports UHS-I cards so that’s anything up to U3/V30.

The V60 cards are UHS-II and will work but only at UHS-I speeds as the M2P does not have the extra pins to make use of it.

So anything over a V30 is a waste of money.



lmfao i said that to the wife, well i said i’m getting to old for all this modern shit



Had same promblem with my Osmo Pocket Sandisk Extreme Pro fixed it



I took the advice from these guys, replaced it with the the 128gb sandisk extreme and put the other in the smart controller, see what happens

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