So... what's on your bench at the moment?

I’m sure I saw a video about that once… let me look…

Ah yes!

Not Bardwell though… Sorry…

If it’s a small quad, small motors, you can use smaller value, 470uF will do nicely :smile:

@Steviegeek Thanks Steve lol out of curiosity if I was to put 2 470uf caps in parallel would that have a similar effect as a sing 1000uf ?


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On my Binary, twin engined, I’m putting two 560uF, one on each ESC,
As @Yith has confirmed that is effectively a 1120uF
Capacitors are the opposite to resistors when it comes to parallel and series connections :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers @Yith @Steviegeek :+1:t2:

If you put a big fuck-off resistor on one of them caps, it’ll stagger the current suppression.
Am I right or what @Steviegeek @Yith

Get in!

Huh? I don’t remember that being a technical term…

Ah. That’s me when I’m walking. I mean 1 cap has a slower charge / discharge

He means pissed :joy:

Well V=IR… so higher “R” will mean lower “I” charging the capacitor… so yes effectively…

Of course I’m not sure what use that’d be… Except to make it crapper.

1 cap would provide instant smoothing by soaking up spikes. The second cap would aid the first cap. Sort of an “overflow”

Nay, the response time would be drastically reduced making it ineffective at what we want.

Depends on the ohms?

You said…big…

Since we’re trying to deal with hi-frequency noise all that will happen is the non-resitored cap will end up doing all the work.

The resistored cap will actually work at lower frequency.

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Yes. High wattage, low ohms :grin: ‘got out of that

So no real effect at all then… :slight_smile:

Yes it will. It will help with sag

Sag is because of the internal resistance of the battery… How will it help with that?

Are thinking this will actually smooth that out? It’ll need to be one hell of a capacitor.