So... what's on your bench at the moment?

What about with usb plugged in?

Ok plugged in to BF and get a faint red light but I did notice the FC got really warm/hot, the same when I plugged the battery in while still plugged into BF .

Oh and must add it never actually booted into BF just kept booting me out…

Blown 5v reg?

A short somewhere in the power circuit…

Probably need a new FC I’m afraid.

Or try the classic Hail Mary of soaking it in isopropyl and scrubbing it with a toothbrush!

Lol …. Funnily enough I cleaned it up earlier with some electrical cleaner and a toothbrush…

Hope not as it’s a good board, recon it’s fixable?? Not got out to loose with it …

Suppose it’s a case of finding to sort, I known Drain man on YT has done o video on repairing a FC …

Yeah luckily all the FCs I’ve lost to this sort of crap have been cheapass ones…

Though I did try fixing them… and just destroyed them completely in the process!

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If all else fails, soak it in flux and cook it with a paint stripper

When fault finding things like flight controllers, and also as an aid for soldering I highly recommend a microscope like this one.

I bought one at the beginning of 2022 and it has paid for itself many times over.

Well thanks for all the support on this 1, Iv had a look on YT and there seems to be some good pointers Im going to try. Ill update once Iv come to some kind of conclusion :+1:t3:

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Well and truly looked into this 1 and im 80% sure its the MCU as watching the below vid and doing a lot of fault finding it all points in that direction. The fact the chip gets red hot once plugged into BF is a bit of a give away also.

10.46 in

Did have a think of replacing it as I have nothing to loose, price the chip up at £10 from Aleixpress. Before I make any decisions Ill see what I can get a replacement for as I still have 2 more to repair and a dodgy motor on the Nazgul…

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Be wary mate. Its only my experience but damaged chips can have knock on effects and it may be something else that blew the mcu. Always keep scrap boards though as you can salvage components for future repairs

Yeah. Best bet is new FCs…

Iv got a few of those mate :wink: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: but I agree with Richard, with the time invested and part and playing it safe, I think new board for this one :frowning_face:

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Thats the 4inch on the back burner till I can find a reasonably priced FC…

And on to the Fire fly :man_facepalming:t3:

Ok just an update had a quick chat with the guy who fixed my vista’s and he says he can repair my FC also. It defo needs a new MCU so will double check with him if thats a problem or not. Would do what suggested above but this is a £120 stack so want to venture down every avenue before I call its quits.

So my next project is the firefly and Im desperate to get this up and running as I go away next week and it would be great to take with me. Is it ok to pick up where I left off on my old post regarding this??.

Whats up with this Nick? I thought you determined the issue was the Vista which you sent away for repair?