So who's got their credit card ready for next Tuesday?

Mavic Pro 2…?

Anyone know what it actually is yet?

All the cryptic videos and the term “Air” going about is actually making me not want to buy whatever it is.

DJI seem to want to follow the Apple buisness model, much hype for small upgrades.

Most drone owners are tech savvy so I feel this marketing is a really poor choice.

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I’m kind of hoping that it is a smaller new drone between the Mavic and Spark so I won’t be tempted but whatever you think of DJI, they do make a great product (mainly) so my ‘add to basket’ finger is already getting itchy…

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I’m hoping it’s a 50% refund on all previous DJI purchases! :+1:


Well, we can live in hope.:smile:

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I would only look at purchasing if it was an updated Mavic with better camera.

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That advert’s not in the slightest bit pretentious is it…:roll_eyes:

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It’s def a tease video, clever how they are good at teasing us!,
Pity they are not so good at Customer Service Problems !


I’m only interested in a Mavic replacement if it has added value primarily a significantly better camera…

I don’t want to stand in the rain to fly and the current Mavic is perfect in all other respects imo.

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Behold the Mavic Air
it’s a replacement for the Phantom 3 SE image

How disappointing, if this is it… It looks like it may have the same size sensor as the MP but in a smaller form factor. It’s probably what the Spark should have been in the first place.

Sooooo many leaked pictures and details!!

I love it - thanks for sharing everyone :clap:t2:


I had a red combo in my basket, got to Paypal, hesitated and then shut it down… :slight_smile: From what I could see, the only benefit over the MP that I would be interested in is the max video bitrate of 100mbps compared to the MP’s 60 mbps… I’ll wait for the MP2.

Have to say it looks cool though…

Bit disappointing to be honest.

Fixes the mavic pro’s bit rate issues but cripples itself with a 500m range in CE mode.

Edit - read it wrong it’s a 2km max range with controller.