Some panos from Pontsticill reservoir


Good to see people making the most of the increased file size limit :smiley:

That first photo, it’s really unusual!

Left side is bright snow, middle section quite dark in comparison, right side then the water tops are light, lowers dark…

Cracking job :+1:t2:


Nice shots Richard busy bee

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Great pics there love the first one. The colour range across the pics ture is really cool😀

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I took 15 frames from the Hangar 360 pano for this one and stitched it in Lightroom.
The snow on the left was opposite the sun as it was rising, you can see the shadow caused from the ridge of the hill below the sun of the middle section, the middle section is darker because it was shooting into the sun on auto so the snow under the sun is in shade, I did put a grad in lightroom to the sky so I could boost the lower half.
As for the water being light and dark I can’t explain that on, it is like it in the other one as well.

Thank you Jeff

Thank you Jon.

Love them Panos Richard, Spot on, beautiful colours.

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Thank you Chris.

Hangar handles water really strangely I’ve found, I thought it was just me

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Quality images.

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Thank you.

Smashing job mate

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Thank you Paul.