Sorry for the recent downtime

Hey everyone,

Sorry the web site was offline today.

We ran out of disk space :blush:

The forums get backed up every night and it usually stores seven days worth of backups (locally) but the old ones stopped deleting themselves so things just grew and grew.

In typical sods law fashion, these things always happen when I’m at work and can’t do anything about it :roll_eyes:

There may be a bit more downtime tomorrow afternoon / evening (sorry in advance!) as it’s also probably about time we upgraded the server to make way for all the media you’ve been sharing :smiley:


Just doing a couple more upgrades - performance may be affected for a while (replies, etc are locked out currently) - hopefully won’t take long!

All done!

Sorry once again for the performance issues over the last few days but we should be fine now :smiley:


No probs

Does make me think, though, since the site is clearly not free to run, should we have some sort of subscription model?

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Subscriptions always a difficult one, if it’s blanket across the board it’ll no doubt end up pushing people away, and deter new members. Maybe only paying members can access certain areas such as the classifieds or the new proposed off topic section may it a members only area.

The other alternative is sponsorship form vendors.

From previous experience subscription does more harm than good on a small forum.

I think however there should be a discreet PayPal donate button to help with the running costs.

Some other sites give some sort of badge or user status when you make a donation of say £5 but best not to go down that road untill you have the numbers.

If there were a donation button if be happy to donate a small amount, I’m sure few others would feel same.

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Just noticed the banner pic at the top of the page seems to have gone AWOL … for me … since the downtime.


Good spot!

I just tried a private browser tab and sure enough, no logo… mine must be cached locally.

I’ll fix this tomorrow - shout if you see anything else missing :+1:

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It’s no biggie … as and when. :slight_smile:

Had a quick poke around, other system icons are missing too (mobile logo, favicon, etc).

For anyone interested, we uplifted all the previously-uploaded photos/media/images to Amazon S3 (cloud storage) today, and all new photos that you upload get stored directly on S3 now too. We’re now also backing up the site directly to (a different) S3 location too. This will prevent us running out of storage space ever again :+1:

But in the process of doing this, it appears to have broken the site logos - will resolve tomorrow :slight_smile:

No need for donations or subscriptions :slight_smile:


Thought I posted this morning … all seems OK, now! :crossed_fingers:


Just a crazy thought … any idea if you can provide the server-side tools for hosting interactive pano/360s?
Probably a cost … but, depending on cost, would be prepared to chip in to have them somewhere like on here.

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Good question!

Let’s find out:


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