South East England Meet-up | Saturday 20th April | Location suggestions

Location, location, location ?

There is of course Deangate ridge aka Hoo or Knockholt

Is there anything South rather than South-East or even South-South-East

Aiming for, (but don’t let perfect be the enemy of good), Knockholt and Hoo only score 3/6:-

  • Space for camera and FPV pilots
  • Accessible for all mobilities
  • Toilets nearby for all genders
  • Been flown before and not crowded
  • Good photo targets for camera drones (e.g monument, folly, etc)

Date Saturday 20th April
I plan to be there around 09:30 am plan to leave around 15:00 Date fairly fixed for myself

Location suggestions or go with tried and trusted ?


Might be worth making some polls if not sure on location?

Of the two you’ve listed, my vote is Knockholt which is about an hour less driving so more accessible for us not-organised-enough-to-have-our-own-south-west bunch! :sweat_smile:
There may not be a monument there (that I know of) but am sure someone would bring a wing we can play chase with?

My birthday on the 21st so I’ll bring beer?


Looking at two locations.
Any preferences ?
Any other suggestions ?

Morden and Knockholt

Morden has paid parking, toilets/cafe at nearby swimming pool and designated drone flying area. It is accessible to all mobilities. Unlikely to have clashing FPVers, blasting the radio waves. Free parking is possible if you want a walk (PM me)

However the area is small and often dog walkers. Sometimes I fly wider than the designated area in this park and have no issues.

Knockholt: Tried and trusted, lots of meet-ups. Parking free. No facilities, but less people in area. Area is bigger and 5 inches can be flown with ease.


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Morden is much closer to me, and a new place to try


Morden updated to show both parking.
One near swimming pool and toilet (pay and display 0.60 per hour or £7 over four hours). As well as free parking which is an extra 2 mins walk but slightly uphill.