South East England Meet-up | Saturday 23rd Sept | Knockholt

Bring Grey Arrows name badge from big meet (if you have them),
Bring tea, coffee and maybe something better if not driving.
Bring snacks.
Bring batteries.
Bring spares!
Bring a chair!

This involves a navigating a gate and a 5 min uphill walk. Happy to revert back to near Hoo - but thought I would mix it up a little. This is not the most accessible location - but pre-cheacked and I think this is fine for expected attendees.

I plan to be there around 10:30 am, plan to stay until 1400 ish. However feel free to pick you own times.

Everyone welcome. FPV’er, Camera Drones or even people who not got a drone yet. No drone police, but do not be an arsehole rule applies.

It is a popular spot for drones and there maybe other drone/wing flyers who are not necessary there for the grey arrow meeting. However RestlessZombi and I found them a friendly bunch.

Parking Location: ///nearly.boxing.fruit what3words /// The simplest way to talk about location or

This is a lay-by on the main road. Free at weekend (Parking at your own risk)

The gate is opposite parking what3words /// The simplest way to talk about location

Plan be at this location…

Expected Weather - Knockholt - BBC Weather Sunny intervals and a gentle breeze

Possible Attendance
  • If the stars align, I might just make it
  • Fair weather and a fair wind, I will be there
  • Alas, something more important than drone flying (WTF??)
  • sorry, I’m an arsehole ( :wink: )
  • Come rain or shine, I will be there
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I will be visiting family down in Plymouth so can’t make this weekend. I am shocked that there is no cake promised this time, have a great day


Cake is a good idea !

I really can’t this time, I am out of town meeting friends n Heartfordshire. Maybe next time. have fun

Looks like Rebecca and I will be there! We’ll aim to be there at 10am.

Batteries on charge!




I should be there too, hope to see all y’all soon.

My ETA around 1040 …

Slight move of location


@bmsleight you should be able to edit the first post to keep all the important stuff up to date :slight_smile:

Would have loved to come today but Im prepping for a job in Guernsey on Monday :pensive: Hope you all enjoy the meet :smiley: Out of curiosity why are you not just flying from the old carpark?

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Will need a roll call of names …

Count of 15 I think ?


I thought you’d memorised everyone’s names Brendan! Usual crew plus Robert, Stewart and Daniel as extras on the day.


Plus Clive and Anne

Thanks for a great morning. It nice to meet with such a friendly group of people.
As complete beginner l learnt a lot and the advice l received was much appreciated.
Ann enjoyed the company and we are looking forward to the next meet.


Thank you for another brilliant meet Brenden @bmsleight , it’s always good when partners come along and join in the chatter and the ooo’s and ahhhh’s when the FPV’s are in the air. Loved it, I just got to see later if my Avata was recording this time lol.

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@PingSpike … I think attendees were

Did I miss anyone ?


Thanks Brendan, I’ll sort this tomorrow when I’m back on the laptop mate :blush:

And thanks for organising yet another meet up :clap:t2: :bowing_man:t2:

Thanks for organising the meet. It was nice to meet everyone and thanks for the welcomes.

Some great FPV flying!