Southampton - Ikea Car Park? - Millbrook Freight Terminals?


@Chann I’ll have to go see what the view is like from there then!

Photographic Order of Merit Gallery

No Pressure lol.

First I need to fly it. :smiley::smiley:


Here is also good.

Park at red :x:: … fly from :red_circle: (when there’s nobody about - anglers, mainly) or :black_medium_square: when busy at :red_circle:.

Even the :black_medium_square: can have anglers - in which case fly from the track that wanders off into the undergrowth south-westery from that point.


Thank you Dave, will go check it out soon.


This was taken from there …

… as was …


Ground level views …

From by :red_circle:


@OzoneVibe Thanks!


I do like the idea of going back there and flying higher, and at night, and taking something along the lines of yours.

ALL that bit is all lit up at night. You’ve the container port and the car import/export docks … all 24 hour activity.


Sounds like I’ve got my next night experience!


I look forward to the quality shots the M2P will create … with fear! LOL!


Some nice low winds forecast, too …


@OzoneVibe :joy::joy::joy:


@OzoneVibe Thanks Dave. Definitely gonna try to get that. Putting me on the spot here! Might be the last time you see me on Saturday then. lol


Southampton docks looks like a Dronies dream playground :grinning:

A whole afternoon’s flying worth of interesting videos to make.
Maybe worth a train ride down there for a play one sunny day soon.

I have found on Google Earth a suitable park to fly from on Millbrook road, a short taxi ride from the rail station.
( That’s if the park is still there, Google Earth is 16 years out of date in this area )
Have put together a Litchi / Virtual litchi / Google Earth simulation of a fly around.

The You Tube Simulation lasts for 10 minutes and twenty seconds.

Litchi says the route will take 20 minutes for 5.9 Km.
Wonder which is more accurate ?


@opochka Definitely looks interesting yes.


Don’t forget those cranes can reach as high as our limit … all but a few metres.


Will do a recce on Saturday morning I think and try a flight Saturday night


The cranes are 126m high …

Ones added since may be higher.


Looks like the sweet-spot in the wind has moved back 24 hours. #NeverBelieveWeatherForecastsUntilAfterwards