St Helens, newbie, Mavic 2 learner

Hi all

Very new to drones, got one to record trips on my motorbike and scenery shots. I’m looking for help to learn more flying techniques, local people who can share a common interest and places to fly

My drone is a Mavic 2 pro. So far only pottered around in work filming for practice indoor (huge warehouse) and images are amazing. Looking forward to meeting some like minded people and sharing (well getting lots first) of tips and advice.

Potentially looking to complete a PFCO and register commercially for possible career change.


Hi @Stevelev75 and welcome to Grey Arrows from just up the road in sunny wet and windy Wigan :smiley:

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Wow Steve!
Life changing stuff!

You couldn’t be on a better forum, wonderful advice and help to be had here.
I hope you find it helpful!

Welcome Steve @Stevelev75

Welcome to the forum, as a newbie myself I have found the forum very informative and some great footage.
Hope you enjoy your new “toy”, I should have bought a drone long ago, but glad I have now.

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Hi bud from rainy Morecambe, you’re in the right place for advice and tips

Hi @Stevelev75 welcome, down the road in Sunny Stockport Not!

Looks like we should have a North West meet soon👍


Definitely, up for that. :+1:


Definitely. M2Z owner in Sale, happy to meet up for flying practice.


Greetings from the sunny south coast. I spent ten years in Manchester so I’m not entirely ignorant of the great landscapes and people in the North West.

As for a PfCO, I also considered doing one as my background many years ago was aerial photography (from Cessnas and jollycopters :slight_smile: ). I’ve decided to hold fire for a wee while until the proposed changes of CAP1789 are resolved.

As it’s a Euro directive but endorsed by the CAA who knows what will happen with the dog’s Brexit that is being made by our politicians?


Hi @Stevelev75, I’ve been wondering about taking the drone out at a couple of places up near you, either the Dream Sculpture or St Joseph’s College at Up Holland. The second of those probably wouldn’t be for a beginner, but it may be possible to fly at Ashurst Beacon or Beacon Country Park nearby.

I’m also looking at going back to the Manchester Ship Canal soon, although the spots I’m thinking about require permission from Barton Aerodrome. If the weather forecast is okay, I’ll get to one of these various spots this weekend, so let me know if you fancy meeting up. For a first outdoor flight you might be better off just in a nearby park or field with plenty of open space and few people around; going out early is the best for that.

Definitely u for that, I work in traFford so anywhere local to you is fine.

Trying to learn about legalities, think ashurst and dream could be good as long as quiet. Also happy to go further afield for decent practice

In Trafford, I.go to Turn Moss in Stretford when I just want a practice.

Up for that the more the merrier, and better for sharing ideas and tios


Another St Helener’ Here - (M2 Zoooooom) :+1:

Hi mark welcome to the mad house
Would be good for a meet-up
Weather permitting that is…

Greetings to you @Stevelev75 and welcome to a really friendly group.

Count me in aswell, please. (To the North West Meet Up)

Let’s find a big field have a barbi and get airborne.

Count me in, happy to take a trip over

Any suggestions for a suitable place to fly?