Stitching panos on a Mac?

All this talk of panos lately has piqued my interest :slight_smile:

Now that Litchi is finally running smoothly on the CrystalSky, assuming I use that to take the photos (any issues with that BTW?) and copy them for the MicroSD card over to the Mac desktop, what software could / should I use for stitching them together?

PTGUI is Mac/Win … and I’ve used on Win … works well.

Hugin, AutoPano Giga - think they are all Mac/Win and tried all.

PTGui won for me out of those.

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Thanks Dave :+1:

Just saw @callum 's other thread where he mentions Lightroom, which I already have for the Mac, I shall investigate that as an option too :+1:

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PTGui is quick and you can add points to make it stich areas that could be difficult