360 Spherical Panoramas

Loads of discussion of panoramas in multiple threads I’m losing track so created this to discuss methods, software and processing.

My goal today was to get out and make a panorama with,

Hangar (cloud processed)
Hangar (Lightroom)
Litchi (Lightroom)
DJI Go4 (Lightroom)

Did not turn out as intended as winds we were up on a hill and winds were 20mph+. Mavic could not hold position in standard mode and slowly drifting away .

I did get 2 panoramas done with Hangar 360 and one with Litchi.

Here’s the one processed by Hangar 360

Think it turned out really well given the conditions.


Laags! :wink:

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Guessing you’ve been there?

Deep Fried Pizza? :wink: (The Wee Plaice?)
And an excellent Italian Ice Cream shop! (Nardini’s ?)
I have a friend that lives there.

Nardinis rings a bell. Not been to Largs since I was a kid other than up on hill over it today. We wanted to fly further down the coast but Hunterston B foiled those plans.

They will fry anything you want up here. Battered Mars bars used to be a big thing.

I knew you were up that way, and years of flying means I can instantly turn that photo into a map.
Train line, Station, can’t recall the Supermarket name at the station … Morrisons? … the island off the shore, the marina, etc

Edit: Been along that road underneath, too, coming from Paisley.

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I’m impressed!!

Quick question, tried to stitch the Litchi one in Lightroom and I get an error when generating preview. Not enough data to determine camera movement or something to that effect.

Any ideas?

I’ve not tried using Lightroom to stitch.
Photoshop? Tho probably same built-in module.
PTGui? Mac/Win
Microsoft’s ICE on Windows.

Ill download ICE.

I think I may have an extra photo in there. Would have been nice if it put them in separate folders. I’ve got a mix of Pano, AEB and singles.

Ah! The Go4 app + MP does create a folder per pano.

Hugin, AutoPano Giga are the other Mac/PC apps.

ICE is free, and managed (almost) everything really well.

Only failed when low over a five-a-side pitch … it had no usable reference in the surface to know what to do with the straight down pic. One bit of tarmac looks like any other.

We need a ‘little planet’ guide too (again, for those who can’t do it in GO4) :slight_smile:

Any of those pano stitchers will create a Tiny Planet, too.
There are some mobile apps (I know Android, but I’m sure they exist on iOS, too) that can use Go4’s stitched Pano image to create the TP.
I just don’t rate the Go4 quality for Pano, tho.
Looked at Android stitchers, but filling in the top of the 2:1 image for the sphere render is just such a blooming pain any way I’ve tried.
Things may have moved on … I’ll do another research session.

Thought you’d removed the “offending modules” … as someone referred to them, the other day. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Flying with 2 other people and thought flying near a nuclear site might not be the best of ideas. :pensive:

Did not even attempt to fly, just kept driving until outside the circle on map.

Mod for me is all about the altitude, NFZs not so much.

Vice versa, for me, for the time being.
Interested in tinkering quite a bit … one at a time … as and when the need, or curiosity, gets the better of me.

Lightroom wont play ball with any of todays panos. Think the movement in wind is giving it a hard time. Takes about 10 mins just to generate a preview which is all over the place.

Microsoft ICE is awesome. Its stitches and exports in a minute flat. Only problem I’m having is there is quite obvious stitch errors in one and the other has a part missing at LHS. Again I think this is movement in wind.
Litchi one is just a complete disaster, absolutely no saving it.

The one with missing part should be easy to correct as its white sky but I don’t have an editor that will work with a 104MB JPEG.

Where’s the best place to upload these to? Going to upload as is just to give you an idea of quality when not being processed by Hangar.

This is your best starter guide …

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As I recall, all those other (££) apps allow positional tweaking.
Trial versions allow you to play, but results are watermarked.
Enables you to find which you prefer if you want to go the £ route.

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I give up for tonight.

Heads bursting with it. Files all seem to be to big to show in imgur. I’ve reduced and reduced but no joy. Getting pissed off with it now.

Will look at it again tomorrow.