Stockport area newbie

Hello, I’m a relatively new drone user living close to Stockport. I’m looking for suggestions for places to fly and also if anybody fancies a meet up and wants to share some tips that would be great. I tend to fly early morning currently as I prefer to fly while things are quieter while I get my control up to a good standard and gain confidence in things although I keep telling myself I want to catch sunrise but I’m never at a location early enough. Any recommendations and advice would be most appreciated.


Welcome to the forum mate.
Check out…

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Hi from just up the road in Wigan :wave:t2:

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Cool, thanks. I live very close to MCR airport so I always have to take a little drive away to fly.


Hi David - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Hi, not far from you, I’m in Sale.

I deal with this problem by only photographing sunsets, never a sunrise! :rofl:

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Swinton for me so not a million miles away.Welcome.


Hello, I’m still a bit nervous about there being people about so at the moment I prefer to fly early before too many people are up and about. As I get more confident I will probably not care as much but I just prefer to be out of the way for now.

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Hello, yes not very far away at all. Do you fly around Manchester? I’m still trying to figure out places I can practice without going too far. I live very close to the airport so can’t fly near my home and always have to take a spin to somewhere.

Hi I do fly in Manchester but live on the other side. I am right on the edge of the Barton zone. So I tend to go towards Bolton early in the mornings. Rivington Anglezarke etc. The other thing Is i always take my drone when I am out and about just in case. I have found a large area just down the East lancs and I will check it out for training as one thing I have learnt I came out of lockdown quite rusty.

Cool, yes I work in Trafford park and our Unit is just inside Bartons area. I have been wondering about going up to Rivington. Is that area ok to fly then? I was thinking of doing some quickshots etc around the Pike area but not been up there for years. Was heading there a couple of weeks ago but ended staying on the motorway and going to the beach at Cleveleys instead. Missed another sunrise :joy:

Hi @Mask75

I am from Altrincham, fly mainly locally

Hello, I know Altrincham centre a little and go to Dunham Massey occasionally.

I was in Dunham the other week

Use Dronescene to find local spots, and you can see other members on the members map

I’ve been to Sale water park to fly before plenty of space although there is a model flying club that opperats out of one of the field.

Nice picture. I really like the views you can get from a drone. Its a nice location and I’m sure you could get great pictures with an SLR but I’m really enjoying getting images from the sky.
Do you use any filters etc? What software do you use if any in post?
I’m not really setup on this side of things yet. I bought some ND filters but until my flying improves I doubt my footage will be silky smooth enough to be cinematic. I’m probably going to end up buying a new computer as my laptop is old and struggles on the video side. I’m going to be stuck using a laptop whatever as I don’t really want or have room for a desktop even though it’s the better option for editing with a good monitor.

Yes, I know where you mean. I wasn’t sure about flying around there because I knew there was a club that use a field over there or did. I remember watching them a few years ago. I’ve flown out of a field on the other side of the river once. Think it was called Ivy Green.

I don’t use any filters as I don’t really do much videoing

I tend to use Lightroom, Photoshop and Luminar, on my 6-year-old laptop that just about copes
with the editing.

The drone perspective is what gets everyone, it’s that view you never knew!

Turn Moss, i fly there often

You Can use the search at the top left to find places already flown :+1: