Sunrise over Port William Dumfries and Galloway

Taken this morning using the Mini 2.


Love Port William. Had a month there June/July flying round the White Loch, Standing Stones and down towards Whithorn. Unfortunate that the coast just north of the village is NFZ.

Danger zone, but you should still be able to fly this area.

NFZ is a silly made up thing by DJI :man_shrugging:

Hi Bill, as Chris says it is a danger zone and Monday to Friday only anyway along the coastline. Although they do throw some others up periodically over my usual flying areas.

Yeah. It’s all to do with the massive West Freugh weapons test and evaluation ranges. Air to surface and air to sea missiles are some of what’s tested here. Aircraft fly pretty low quite often.

Excellent Pano would make a good entry to the current RTF comp :wink: