Tablets .. OS, size, performance and reliability

Okay, before I get lynched here :laughing: I have searched the forum and found some useful comments on tablets but it’s kinda all over the place with members vying for one side or another. So, I’m not going to ask a general “Tell me which tablet should I get?” without giving members some background to where I am and what I’m looking for. So, I’m going to break it down a little…

  • I’m currently using my phone and tablet (Samsung S10 and Tab S4 respectively). My phone is handy but the screen is too small (read: busy) and the tablet is a little too big and heavy (10.5" screen and c.480g).

  • I’m thinking that an 8" would be about a happy medium, what do you guys think? Then there’s performance and reliability (I wouldn’t want a choppy screen and tablet crashes/reboots).

  • iPad Mini (4 or 5) would be ideal (I think) but I’m not familiar with the OS. Are both models good with DJI Go4, are there any issues that I should know about?

  • I’m struggling to justify the expense of an iPad solely for my M2P but will consider if this is ultimately my best opion…

  • Alternatively, are there any ‘current’ Android tablets that are (1)light, (2)good performer, and (3)reliable? I ask for ‘current’ as I don’t fancy chasing down a pre-owned/refurbished/out of production tablet.

Sorry for the long post but I’m at that stage now trying to choose a tablet for specific use with my drone and don’t want to plunge in and regret it. I guess to summarise, a tablet that is around 8", isn’t too heavy and performs well without crashing…

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: Oh, I should mention that if I go for an iPad, does this effect on how I view video ie I use Windows OS to edit…


As a non-tablet user, but having seen so many posts on the subject, the only consideration I’d throw into the mix is ensuring that your tablet has GPS and compass … if the implications of not having them affect the way you use them.

Personally, compass doesn’t worry me … I prefer maps locked with North-up! … and I don’t use the radar view.
GPS is something that would worry me, because I often walk as I fly and update the home-point as I do … to a nearer location that I’d accept as an emergency automatic RTH type landing. Without a GPS in the device, this is not possible.
Obviously, if you stay exactly where you take off from for the whole flight, this isn’t as important.

Whilst, to date, I’ve not had a tablet, just recently I was thinking of trying a dead cheap Android from Amazon, and returning immediately if it’s not up to the job.
I had this one in mind (but this is absolutely not a recommendation … until I get around to trying at some point).

Hmmm … OneBox not working … details …

10 inch Android 8.1 Octa Core Tablet Unlocked Pad 10 inch Phablet 3G Tablet with Dual SIM Card Slot 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Built-in WIFI Bluetooth GPS Netflix Youtube TYD-108(Metallic Black) - £76.88

Thanks @OzoneVibe for the great reply!

I do tend to move about and will definitely make note re GPS, and I’m also the same re maps ie North locked! I’d be interested in your opinion if you do decide to go ahead with that tablet. I must get over myself re “unbranded” tablets as I could be missing a trick here.

Any iPad Mini users here confirm or otherwise if the Mini has GPS?

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I’ve zero idea if that one will work adequately … but based on the fact that an old Samsung does work, and the spec of that one is (ostensibly) way superior, I don’t see why it shouldn’t. :man_shrugging:
Might not be until the new year I’ll be making that move, so don’t hold your breath. :wink:

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I use a Huawei MediaPad T3.

It runs well, has a good screen at 8", & has GPS.

Available new on eBay for £50.


MediaPad T3


I don’t think the Mini has GPS, and no compass.
The same applies to the IPad Air, unless it has a Phone Contract.

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Wifi only model has no GPS but does have a compass.

Cellular model has both GPS and compass.


Thanks @northernlights53, I’ll take a look at them :wink:

Thanks, @chrisjohnbaker and @callum … bloody typical Apple, so I’d have to pay more for the cellular edition if I went down that route, pah! :unamused:

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Hi Robert
Based only on my knowledge and experience I can say that I had a similar problem.
Wanted to go from iPhone to tablet for same reasons, to use for M2P.
After a long search I ended up with a second hand iPad 4 cellular, (in case I want to use it without the use of my mobile fir internet connection) on eBay for about £150.
It is the perfect size and I am really pleased with it.
Happy flying

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@MiMo28, secondhand prices fluctuate so £150 would be a good find … I just need top get over my concerns about buying a lemon!

@northernlights53, I found the Huawei MediaPad T3 (7") at Currys for £65.99 here:

Do you think the Android OS version and CPU are up to the job? Doesn’t say if it’s got GPS so need to find out. Spec looks a little different from your link.

Do you need GPS @bombero mate? Are you often on the move while flying? :thinking:




Sorry, skim read :man_facepalming:


Was it not the Mediapad T3 that only worked with older Go4 versions?

You can still update the homepoint as you move around to Aircrafts current location.

I prefer this as know how much the GPS on my S9 can be out.

But you can’t update it to your location without GPS … that moving boat scenario where it’s better to have it return/hover somewhere closer to where you are than where you took off.
Use it when trekking, too …. don’t want to arse about trekking all the way back.


Aircraft location suits me as a compromise.

I dont use RTH and if I walk a fair bit from takeoff point I’ll just fly the drone over me and update homepoint as a safeguard.

I don’t use RTH … but if shit happens I want it to land closer to me than where I was twenty minutes ago. That’s about 1 mile!

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Do you not still have to manually update homepoint to controller location though?

The one that I’ve got works just fine - however it has a larger screen than this one, so I can’t comment on the capabilities of a different model.

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