Taking my Drone to Bulgaria

Dear esteemed drone pilots,

Do any of you have flew your drone in Bulgaria. I have just completed the EASA (European Union Safety Agency) A1 A3 Open Category online course and received the certificate.

Is there anything more that I have to do in order to fly my DJI Air 2 in Bulgaria?

Thanks in advance!

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There is another thread here:

Taking your drone to Bulgaria

But its 4 years old so I’d guess a lots changed since then.


Hi DeanoG60,

THanks for the help. However I still cannot find any answers for my question. Quite confused.
It looks like my question is blocked? Not sure what to do.

I believe the drone law has changed after 4 years.

You only asked your question ten hours ago.

You might need to wait a bit longer :blush:

Thanks PingSpike! :slight_smile:

Step 1 You first need approval from DG CAA 8 calender days minimum before flying (important for step 2). You must describe the activity, the necessary zones, and the date and times of the activity in the letter. Don’t forget to include all contact details inc mobile numbers you want to use in the country.
This can be done via email ans@caa.bg

Step 2 Once you get approval you need to email the scanned certificate to amc@bulatsa.com (at least 8 calender days prior)
Upon approval the Airspace Management Cell will create a NOTAM and inform you on the contact nr provided with other useful info for the day.


A massive thank to you ThorTDL.

This something I could have never found.
I found simple steps on: How To Fly Drones in the EU – Everything you need to know (UK & US) - Geeksvana - YouTube
Not relevant anymore looks like?

Thanks again!

Geeksvana is great source but every country is different and tends to have their own methods combined with a few blanket europe ones.

Before I forget also check with your airline if you are flying to see if they have any special requirements for the drone and batteries

Yes I did. We’re flying with Easyjet.
Thanks mate! Very helpful.

I will post here how I will get on with this. Not enough time though TBH we’re flying on the 20th this month :slight_smile:

Bit tight but get your emails out now and fingers crossed

Thanks ThorTDL.

Sending back and forth emails. Still waiting for the registration approval.

Soon as this is done I will share my experience for everyone.

Dear ThorTDL,

I just got the Operator ID with the QR code from the Bulgarian authority.
I did exactly what you asked me to. Thank you so much!

I guess this is it. Right?

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Radiuoz: when you get there ask great uncle Bulgaria. Tobermory: Madam Cholet: Orinoco: Bungo: Tomsk: Wellington: or Aldermey
They will put you right, enjoy your trip.

Excellent, that was pretty quick as well. Yeah nothing else. You’ll get the confirmation prior to flight as well on the day as they’ll setup a NOTAM

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Thanks dude!

Now I’m hoping for a nice weather with enough snow for ski :slight_smile:

How did you apply for the Operator ID and what was the cost?

hey I will send you all the details tomorrow. I got no access to my email right now - sorry :frowning:

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Here are the steps you’d go through:

  1. Get the EASA certificate: Civil drones (unmanned aircraft) | EASA
    Travelling with drones | EASA
  2. Then do the registration here to fly in Bulgaria: https://drones.caa.bg/
    According the information I found once registration done with 1 EU country, it’s valid to all the EU countries.
    I didn’t have to pay anything to register with Bulgarian Civil Aviation Administration.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Yeah I have done that now, LUX EASA cert and then registered at drones.caa.bg/bg. Is it really just that simple?

The drones.caa.bg/bg account shows an operator ID, but the QR code doesn’t load anything, it just googles the code.

Thanks for this though!

Did you have to go through the step of getting aproval from the DG CAA for every flight? I am looking to travel later in the year, and have a sub-250g drone, and I am already registered in an EU country. I’m slightly confused as to whether there is a requirement for additional approval in every case, or just in the “specific” category.