Has anyone flown in Tenerife? And do they have local rules or is it to be treated as Spain?
I’ve looked at it on DroneMate but there’s no comment.
I’m lucky enough to be spending Christmas there.

I’ve flown my paraglider there … :wink:


I was there in June, didn’t take the MP though, wasnt sober enough to fly anyway.

As far as I know it comes under the Spanish rules.

Flying in Tiede national park is prohibited and quite a few people have been slapped with fines.

Watch out for the wind as well, calm one minute and windy the next.

24/7? :bowing_man:

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Ask me again 8th December, I’m there the first week celebrating my 50th.

I have friends who live on the island and fly without problems

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Not quite 24/7, I had a break when I was sleeping.


Lightweight ;o)


I’ve flown in Tenerife and it’s under Spanish law. To be honest with you I’m not sure how much it’s worth it - you can’t legally fly in a national park (so that’s Teide out the window) and not close to an airport. Tenerife isn’t that big so that drastically limits potential flying space. And then there’s the high winds the Canary Islands are known for…if I was going back any time soon I think I’d be tempted to leave my drone at home. But that’s just me :thinking:


Am i right in thinking its pretty pointless taking an MP2 to Tenerife? We are going to the north of the island in September, but from what I can see much of the island is a NFZ.

I do have a tello which i could throw in the luggage, so maybe thats a better option.
Anyone been with a drone?

I’ve taken the drone twice now, my experiences in the above thread


Thanks Chris
Cracking pano there by the way :slight_smile:

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I’ve moved your post over to the existing Tenerife thread @Andy_B :+1:t2:

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I am going on Holiday to El Medano in Tenerife in July and wondered if anyone has had any experience of Flying in Tenerife as to weather its allowed or not etc


I’ve moved your post over to the existing Tenerife thread @bellinghamc :+1:t2:

it is an old thread but re bumping it should spark other members to reply if any more upto date info is available :+1:t2:

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Not just the wind to worry about, I would be more concerned by the sand coming across form the desserts in Africa, they have been known to strip paint, imagine the damage to your Drone!

no problem thank you

Very Very True didnt think of that

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In the Airport FRZ unfortunately as its literally 2km from the end of the runway ;o(

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I go to Tenerife about 3-4 times per year. So want to take my M3P with me, but looking on Altitude Angel, the vast majority of the island is a no fly zone ( or at least a heck of a lot of flight restriction zones)

That’s really useful to know I’ll leave the drone at Home

Thank you