The Daily Photo Thread


Amazing pics😀


Thanks! :+1:


I was driving down the M4 in the fog at sunrise, wishing I was off work to get above it for something like that.


I was way over the water for both of those.



Great shots Dave, I saw the mist over Portsmouth on my way into work with just the top of the Spinnaker tower lit by the sun, looked stunning. Don’t think they would have been happy if I had stopped on the M275 to get the drone out!


I spent ages at Calshot hoping to get a video of large ship half hidden by the fog. But it was too deep … Then it was gone in a flash.


It did go quickly, as I got my camera ready in the car park when I got into work, only10 mins later, and it had gone. Got up early this morning hoping for more of the same to find nothing but grey clouds!!!


I knew today wouldn’t be worth getting up for. Very fast asleep in bed. :wink:


Chores day for me wife’s at work so i am washing and cleaning (house husband)


browny points
and still have time to check the forum


More mist! More early morning! It’s a pano up the valley towards Box from BathEaston. It’s looking nice out there now too, but I is hungover so can’t be bovvered to get out of bed…


May not be allowed on the other thread Tom, but I love panoramas and this is a briilant one! I never manage to get out with camera or drone when the mist is out like this.



I love my panos as well, shame they can’t be included in the challenge.
It should be allowed for no more than 3 x 1 :thinking:


Maybe a specific ‘pano only’ challenge for the future :wink:


Noted :wink:


Some from the last few days.


All from the inspire ?
Or is the top two inspire and number three the Mavic?


Top two are P4P and the bottom one is Mavic Pro.
Bottom two are entries in the 2018 Golden Hour Challenge


It’s the difference in the sun that gives it away