The Daily Photo Thread


I didn’t even give that a thought before you said, it’s so obvious to me now.


Please explain?


The third looks like a smudge and the top two have a more definitive roundness
I have noticed this on Mavics you don’t get that circle


Thanks, I see what you mean, could this be addressed with nd filters?


To be honest Brian I don’t know
It could be the sensor I haven’t had chance to land the drone change the nd filter and take it back up again (once up it stays up)
Plus the sunset is so quick for that golden colour (it’s not really and hour)


Indeed … for you it’s 65 minutes at this time of year. :wink:


Are you in Cardiff Dave or did you look that up for Cardiff?


Ah - actually - I just realised - I was using Cardiff for Jeff … LOL.

So for Jeff …

He gets 68 minutes! :+1:




There’s two 7.15’s in a day WOW


I’m not with you.


7.14am is too early for me (joke)


amazing pictures …stunning


Thank you Barry.


Had a look through my recent photos and most likely to do with the sensor just not able to capture the detail, but considering size of sensor and lens it does pretty well!!!


This shot was taken yesterday when I had been out taking photographs for the golden hour challenge at Arundel. This was from just after and shows the medieval castle and the Roman Catholic cathedral in the background


This one shows just how much green space there is in the castle


At the moment the trees are giving such wonderful colours
My advice to people is get out there and get all those oranges to green colours check my Entwistle Reservoir post will be up there again soon to get some more before all the leaves fall…



Is that and inspire on the left?..