The Daily Photo Thread

Fantastic shots last few days guys. I need to get better at formulating getting out of bed and not disturbing the OH since she moved in. Especially once those sunrises move to 4am! :thinking:

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Do I get a badge for Industrial Revolution, I wasn’t sure but found this on google.

It was a major industrial town during the Industrial Revolution and was known for its steel production. :smiley:

Edit : port talbot

Check the badge’s eligibility description.

Does that not count then …

Edit my bad, wrong year / years, misunderstanding of google but google says :

So that is or has what has confused myself, as I know nothing about Industrial Revolution other than what I’m told or read ….

That is one stunning shot

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Arty farty selfie :sunglasses:


Love it …note to myself must pop down the road to Selby

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Brilliant looks like your stood on water :+1:t2:

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A few of mine from a visit to Manchester last week.


Took these photos and a little video of the Willington Power Station Cooling Towers, in East Derbyshire to add to the hundreds that have been posted before me! For the few who are not aware, they have been decomissioned for some time now and are probably due for demolition any time soon!

Check out @kvetner DS entry for its location. Some of the towers fall withing the Derby Airfield FRZ but give them a ring (number in the entry) and they’ll give you the go ahead to fly. Ignore the East Midlands Airport warning as its a Dji NFZ and the Class D airspace is nowhere near.

Oh… and watch out for the RC signal dropping out I lost connection a couple of times as my mini3pro went round the back of the 300ft high towers. This prompted me to change the RTH Alt from 50m to 95m! Numpty! Should of thought of it before I took off! :roll_eyes:


See that from my kitchen window, looks better in your photo :+1:

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I was flying my drone today and caught this, first impression was the mother ship was starting to land through the clouds!!!


Jeez, don’t let @PingSpike see that horizon!

I saw it before I went to work this morning.

Been fretting about it ever since :confused:

In all seriousness though, the pylons are pretty vertical :blush:

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You checked :flushed::joy::joy:

So did I.

Perhaps someone installed all the lamp posts and pylons at an angle … just to freak out Rich. :stuck_out_tongue:

I already tilted my phone slightly to correct it :smile: