The Daily Photo Thread


great colours !


180 pano from the Spark from December 2017.
Just going through my drives having a bit of a tidy up.
There may be more to follow.


love the car in the middle - makes the colours even more vibrant


Thanks. No processing, either. Straight from the Mavic.


that is crystal clear -what a beautiful day!!


what Castle is that?


Caerphilly, I filmed this in May 2017, the day I crashed my Phantom 4.


lovely castle, great video, shame you had a crash


Yeah, the car really makes it


Love Autumn,great for colors :+1::+1:


Thank you, yeah, I was quite new to the hobby.


East Brother Light Station is a historic landmark, bed and breakfast and working lighthouse located in Richmond, California,

Some lighthouse photos from 2017 – with my first drone mavic pro platinum


Finally got out to mess around with a wind turbine. Ok maybe closer than 50m but I think I know who would have come off worse in the event of a collision! Also first time using davinci resolve light, which explains the editing screw ups, but I liked the software.


Wow,that looks really,really close!very nice,bet you wandered how close you really were !:+1::+1:Thought about doing a wind turbine flyby myself,will do one eventually,your vid shows just how huge these things are…:hushed:


Love these photos,that is one spectacular view,hope to go this area,sometime in the future,have drone,will travel:+1::+1::joy:


Thanks yes- an amazing spot here=lots to photograph and great sunsets regularly—


Fantastic video! Well done. So sorry about the crash.


Trying to post in this daily photo thread for the first time. Broadway Tower in The Cotswolds. #armistice100 poppy tribute.

Photographic Order of Merit Gallery
Photographic Order of Merit Gallery

With or without the mega-poppy … that’s a great pic!

You get the Green Flyer badge for that one! :+1:


:+1: Amazing shot.

Would love to see the full sized pic