The Daily Photo Thread


I’d happily have a print of that on my wall!


Thanks guys, very kind of you!


You live near there? I was brought up about 4 miles away in ilmington


Hi Tom. No I live in London. We just had a weekend away. Great area!


That picture sums it all up for me !
“Lest We Forget”
Stunning photo !


@Jaycee360 We’ve had a chat and think your photo is worthy of a Bronze Photographic Order of Merit Badge.

We don’t give these badges out often and keep them for photos the GADC committee agree are to an exceptional standard.

You can read more about the new badges in the Announcement thread and see your image in our Gallery of Recipients.

Well done!


Great photo.


You know … I’ve seen news headlines saying the poppy symbol was racist . I didn’t read the articles as they didn’t deserve my attention .
Great image , capture … everything !
Well done and thanks !!!



I feel the same about white poppies but that rant is probably best saved for a #droning-on thread…

Amazing photo @Jaycee360 mate, looks amazing :clap:t2:


Selby Abbey with a ribbon of hand woven poppies cascading down from the tower. 11.11.18. It looks like a river of blood to be honest

Windy Autumn Trees

yeah does kind of look like a river of blood or bad paint spill


Well many thanks…that’s fantastic news and really appreciated!
I’m glad my pic is so well-regarded.


Next you will say your blushing…don’t be it was a brilliant shot


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Gorgeous !!


90m up and close enough in the wind I think :grinning:




Love the shadows.


Great shot, love it :+1::ok_hand:


Thank you @BrianB