The Daily Photo Thread


Love it!!! ESP the pier and some of the waterfalls! Nice work!


Thank you.


Loving the sun coming under the pier


That was an amazing sunset/sky that evening! I was in Southsea.

2018 Pano Challenge

It was a beautiful evening to get out :sunglasses:


I’d been there all day - flew out to Spitbank Fort. :slight_smile:


Was that your second time, you posted some before didn’t you?


just seen your images - awesome!


Yup - I did an early morning one - flat calm sea - a month or so ago.
Trying to get Litchi to do the framing I want as it flies around.


They look so clear - but won’t be going out that far with my little Mavic Air!


Only a 10 minute flight using Litchi. The Air would manage that.


Moved these posts over here rather than corrupt the challenge thread. :wink:


Mid air meet


Few more from the sunset on Hayling Island on 27th December




WOW. That’s nice


Ditto what that man said


Yes, you’re right, maybe need to start trying to use Litchi this year!