The Daily Photo Thread




Oyster beds Brian?


Yes that the spot @DougT

Also where the oysters catchers came up from and surprised me on the one in the Panorama challenge! They didn’t like the drone!!!


Went out tonight to try and get a couple of shots for the winter challenge and had a chance to get the pictures of Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth. The colours on the Spinnaker tower are not always as colourful so great to get them tonight.


Some great colours there, Brian! :+1:


Thanks Dave, came out better than I expected, with a little help from lightroom!


What kind of exposures did you use?


I used auto exposure but shot using the 5 shot AEB. Using the raw versions I had to use lightroom as the sky was really noisy with a lot of additional light as you can see in this original


I’ve been playing with partial colouring


Patial “un-colouring”? :wink:


What software did you use? I like it!


I’ve been trying the new RE goggles today, very useful for letting a second person look around from the drone, like an inspection or checking farm etc…


Ssshh but there’s a women behind you …

So you have total VLOS then or is she (the wife) your spotter?


It’s an app called colorphoto


Yeah, it looks like the second person in that photo is really enjoying using them :rofl:

Come on Glenn, who are you trying to kid? All googles owners own the goggles for themselves to use, not the bystanders (or the wife) :rofl:


Went out looking for smoke coming from cottage chimneys on the coldest morning in a while for the winter challenge. Seems people are saving their wood and coal! So decided to start on my new project for 2019 on aerial images on local villages. This is West Marden in West Sussex.


Later the same day I was driving home with a fantastic sunset. Up by the time I got home and got the MA up I was ally able to get the very end of the colours in the sky


Final one from the same night is my local village of Westbourne in that failing light


Totally clouded in ALL day here just north of Southampton.


Sorry Dave should have made clear, that was Friday - been cloudy ever since :pensive: