The Daily Photo Thread


Night shot of Portsmouth from Portsdown Hill tonight. Was part of a hyperlapse but turned out rubbish so just edited the nicest photo instead.


Stunning shot Glenn


Interesting in that second photograph, in the field to the right, the low angle of the sunlight shows quite clearly ancient foundations.
Could be the remains of a Saxon church or a medieval wooden Tithe barn.

It is harder to see these markings in Google Earth.

I am always looking out for markings such as this in my drone photos.
Whole Saxon and medieval era villages have vanished and have been forgotten out there in the countryside,
with few paper records remaining.
Drones are good for this :smiley:


Thanks for that, a lesson that I should look more closely at my own photos as I hadn’t seen that! It’s very local to me so I shall have a better look next time.

Thanks again for pointing it out


Couple from today at Goodwood Racecourse, near Chichester


Last for today. I saw this crane poling out above the trees and managed to find a safe launch spot. It was windy so kept my distance! This is West Dene College which is clearly about to have some major work done!


Views around Babbs Mill Lake at Kingshurst, West Midlands this afternoon.


A night one and a creative one


St Edmunds Church, near the village of Kellington. North Yorkshire.


The Flying Scotsman barrelling past my home earlier today! :slight_smile:


Didn’t see @milkmanchris at the same time did you @sunstone mate? :thinking:


… mid-air? :wink:


Now that’s just showing off!!! :joy:


Is that a drone above the train itself- am I missing something? :thinking:


Sure looks like it could be.


That’s what I thought, doesn’t quite look like a bird


Carrier bag :wink:


Do you know, I only spotted that uploading it on my Insta.

It’s a weird splodge of something. Really not sure. At first I thought it was something on my screen :joy:


Blinking great spot you guys!!!


It’s a Shame there wasn’t any snow/frost for Xmas challenge! Lol