The Daily Photo Thread


Not guilty your honour, first time I actually took a conscious decision to follow the rules to the letter.

Although everyone we met was friendly and inquisitive. It would seem the new greeting phrase is ‘Just back from Gatwick?’.


That’s what I tell them when they ask If I was at Gatwick. No but I got some good pics tho. Lol


UFO I recon :crazy_face::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oh well, we peasants in this neck of the country have dolly the sheep…:relieved:

“Just trying a new lens” Olympus 45 1.8, I lost the best picture though…:woman_shrugging:

Inspier 2


Kestrel, or a :bat: or a :honeybee:


From Cole end park, yesterday


Meon Valley Trail … a disused railway line - it’s a nice 9.5 mile walk … each way.

Had hoped to take more … but the old trackside trees had grown right over the trail making access to the sky a little difficult. Also - as beautiful as the Meon Valley is, it’s pretty much the same anywhere no making much need for multiple flights.

Brief video : Meon Valley Trail

The trees looked nice, though. :wink:


Linlithgow Palace yesterday.


From the Ridgeway on Sunday


Got out to test a new lens for the Inspire 2, this is jpg straight off the SD card, the lens is a Olympus 45mm


Hardwick Hall in the background. Beautiful day with such a clear sky.


Deserted Barn from today


Where was that Graham mate?


Just down from the NEC on the road to Coleshill.


Well after a sketchy take off (Sketchy flight! What did I do wrong?) I took these tonight.

Nothing amazing but few night shots of Portsmouth by night edited in Lightroom from Raw.


Nice pics! :+1:


Nipped out while the sun was smiling to try out some settings,the village is well over a mile from where I took this picture from; I’m really loving this lens.


Bit chilly this morning,


Loving those shots Glenn :+1:


Selby Canal (near Burn) yesterday, I believe the bits where it narrows are land drains, but I’m up for learning if you know better.

What I do know is it was bastard windy and cold.